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    Deleting items at a wanted time || ServUO

    I want to delete all of the kudos items from every player's bank or backpack at the end of the day ( 00 :00 ) where should i execute this script?
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    [ServUO] BaseCreature Virtual Damage Method

    In Runuo there was a method (which Xanthos Evo System used) called Damage(int amonut , mobile defender) like that: public virtual void Damage( int amount, Mobile defender ) { content } But I couldn't find it in ServUO there is only 4 damage functions which is...
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    Serializing a list[]

    How should I serialize this in a right way? It's an array btw , sorry for the title. private SkillClass[] m_skillClasses; [CommandProperty(AccessLevel.GameMaster)] public SkillClass[] skillClasses { get { return m_skillClasses; } set {...
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    Withdrawing gold from bankbox

    I'm trying to withdraw gold but I can't...
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    UO Options does not include game window size..

    I just tryna resize with uosteam in options I saw this:
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    Error during compile with VDS

    On my computer there is no problem while compiling , but when I tried it on my VDS it just said that:
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    Getting Crash with my Scripts

    My scripts are: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using Server.Mobiles; using Server.Regions; using Server.Items; namespace Server.Regions { public class RegionStone : Item { public EgitimAlani Register(RegionStone tas)...
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    Fatal error everytime!

    I got this every time I start ServUO . Even with refresh files , original files.
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    ServUO deletes itself?

    Today , I tried to open my servUo but I saw this : (This happened 3rd time!)
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    Something's wrong with [CreateWorld

    I just Created world in my server with [CreateWorld command and checkbox every one . But ServUO errors : And When I reopen server It says this :
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    World Load Warning Again..

    I have a Item script , I think I serialize and deserialize it truely but when I restart it errors. Here's my script : namespace Server.Items { public enum Boslar { ChiefParoxymus, DreadHorn, MonstrousInterredGrizzle, ShimmeringEffusion...
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    ProgressBar in UO Gump?

    I have a level system and a [level command in my server. I want to add progressbar which shows "%exp" in the [level gump. Is it possible ?
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    Pandora's Box Stucks in Creating New Profile...

    I installed last version of pandora's box in ServUO forum , I converted my UOP files. But when I open the Pandoras Box it stucks in Creating New Profile loading splash. And It does not open.
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    Got error in Serialize method

    I got a new BaseCreature mob in my server , But I have problems to add it in my server. It errors with Serialize constructor but I have serialize method in my code.. Here is my code : using System; using Server.Engines.CannedEvil; using Server.Items; using Server.Spells.Fifth; using...
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    Checking dropped item IsChildOf(from.backpack)

    I got that script I want to check dropped item is in dropper's backpack or not ? It is not works exactly.. What is wrong? public override bool OnDragDrop(Mobile from, Item dropped) PlayerMobile m = (PlayerMobile)from; if (dropped is LanetliHooded && dropped.IsChildOf(m.Backpack) &&...
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    Adding title to players

    I have a level system on my server , I want to add a title which shows Level Info to player title list . I hope you understand me .. Sorry for bad English.
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    Adding delay time into a mobile

    I have a cleaner in my server.But It clean everything very fast, I want to add delay time 30 seconds for it , but I couldn't , how can I do that? " Cleaner script is not mine " Here is script: public class Temizleyici : BaseCreature { [Constructable] public Temizleyici()...
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    Overriding paperdoll quest gump

    I added new quest system to my server , and added a new questlistgump for it. I could open the gump with [QuestList gump but I want this gump opened while clicking quests button in paperdoll is it possible ? How Can I do it? I used eventsink but not worked , or I used wrong help me . I used...
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    Crash error with adding new system

    I added a quest system in my server. I added variables in pm , bc ext.. I did everything and my system worked with 0 errors and ServUO worked clearly. But I added my quest vendor in game , while I click to my vendor ( one or double click same) server just crashed and throw that CrashLog :
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    Adding new variable to PlayerMobile.cs

    I have to add a Token variable to PlayerMobile.cs for my premium system , However I tried to add the variable like that in PlayerMobile.cs : Than I deserialize and serialize them like that : Deserialize : Serialize : Than I start my ServUO and got 0 errors, but when I restart my server ...