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    我希望你会 :D
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    Running 9th annversary collection

    Ultima Online™ 9th Anniversary Collection is version 5.0.4d (UOML Patch 25). The client doesn't have anything for newer expansions after ML like the map changes for the Sea Market (HS) or map of Valley for Eodon (ToL). You should only use this client if you wish to lock your players in...
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    xmlspawner, forcing gender

    I'm not mistaken, I'm not working with an era that uses this. But I think gender is used to check if a player can use gear or special mounts. Have you tried BodyTyp? The value should be 400 or 401 depending on gender. Face attributes still need to be fixed or you can get a lady with a beard :D...
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    AOS2D Patches.

    What I'm looking/asking for is if anyone of you might have a box like this on the shelf and can make me an ISO of it? It might have been burned/printed with completely different text files and cut version than other distributions. I have seen if on German versions on the other side there is the...
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    AOS2D Patches.

    Ok, I'm finally done with the missing AOS client patches. I made them "open" patches. I can pack them into RTP/PAT files if anyone would prefer them in that format. I have been tested with all clients I could found including. Ultima.Online-Age.of.Shadows [English.Edition] (4.0.0l / AOS 8)...
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    How can fix this bugs?

    it seems like an Interop "p/Invoke" issue. Are you running it under OSX or Linux? Are the bindings to .NET missing? An error translation would not be bad.
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    Its possible to use my windows server key under Linux host?

    Many times when you rent a "dedicated server" you will get a virtual server. You don't own the hardware and it can move from one server to another but you will not notice this. Licensing in this environment is cheaper sins the company owning the cluster is buying licenses based on cores. In that...
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    Megacliloc Error

    This was resolved (in conversation) it was a file name issue and the rest of the CliLoc id issues (like 1152913) need to be fixed by hand. -Grim
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    Megacliloc Error

    Check CurrentExpansion.cs in Script/Misc and set it to this (should help on the way). public static readonly Expansion Expansion = Config.GetEnum("Expansion.CurrentExpansion", Expansion.UOR);
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    Megacliloc Error

    What is your expansion set to? is it still HS? in this case it is a (Core.HS && Alive) in the code.
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    Megacliloc Error

    This is happening sins the client you have don't have the latest features. The developers have not added a switch for features to support the expansion flag system from RunUO. You have to fix this by yourself by either code your server as you like by adding a switch or just remove the new things...
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    Hello all... mobile client?

    The idea is great on paper. But there are too many issues around it. First of all, you need to have a server that only allows mobile. (computers will respond faster, even a 3D client on a computer loses to a 2D) Then you need to strip out a lot of the features from the game and especial the...
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    AOS2D Patches.

    According to the logs, there are updates made to the files at these patches. Applying patch patch\aos2d_win32_4-0-0p2.rtp on path . Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'art.mul' Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'artidx.mul' Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'cliloc.cht' Applying MODIFY File Patch for...
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    AOS2D Patches.

    I have been working on restoring AOS2D patches and all files except one are restored with 100% accuracy, my question is how we should handle it. I can see in log files (attached) that art.mul and artidx.mul have been modified two times between 4.0.0o and 4.0.1b. The difference between 4.0.0o...
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    can u spawn doors with xmlspawner??

    Did you try MetalDoor,0 you need a direction argument that tells what direction the door has. 0 is North.
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    DarkShard is Down?

    It was UOSA that he visited. He was not affiliated with EA anymore at the time. -Grim
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    roslyn support?

    I was going to copy this from Microsoft Roslyn pages, these are the main people behind it. Karen Ng, Principal Lead Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation Matt Warren, Principal Architect, Microsoft Corporation Peter Golde, Partner Architect, Microsoft Corporation Anders Hejlsberg, Technical...
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    roslyn support?

    *I think* It was added to give support for c#6.0 in the project. It still uses CSharpCodeProvider in Server\ScriptCompiler.cs line 217. If I'm not wrong here but I think that Roslyn compiler platform only supports 4.6.1 for scripting but I'm not sure of this. I did test it under 4.6.1 sins it...
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    roslyn support?

    RunUO and ServUO don't use Roslyn they use the old technique called CodeDOM. CodeDOM was added to framework 1.0 for supporting WinFORM and is a wrapper for .net compilers. It allows you to compile code in a closed box and the only information you get out if it has failed to successfully compile...
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    Latest UO Version supported and questions

    2. The big issue would be CSharpCodeProvider and codeDOM I know that .core 3.0 (beta) has support for this but is not recommended. This feature could be upgraded to the newer script solution called Roslyn that includes better support for new code. Then I earlier did try this out some issues were...