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  1. Punkte

    ServUO Casting vs RealUO

    Many games back in the day used some sort of spell batching do combat ping delays between casting. It is theoretically possible that UO uses that kind of spell batching and batches spells into groups. So for instance say a batch window is every 20ms. If a whole bunch of people casted a spell...
  2. Punkte

    ClassicUO Client

    For those of you who are placing the ClassicUO folder inside of your shard's UO directory with all its files, you could also do this... "ultimaonlinedirectory": "..\\", That will basically mean that it will go to one folder level up and find the files there.. Better imo to do that if yall...
  3. Punkte

    Looking for additional Mapmaker/Worldbuilder

    Greetings! Ultima Shards: Multiverse is currently looking for a motivated Mapmaker/Worldbuilder to add an additional member to the team for our newest server, UO Desolation. UO Desolation is a new type of AOS expansion server looking to solve the problem that has plagued AOS shards for years...
  4. Punkte

    Looking For Worldbuilder(s) For A Project

    Hello everyone, Our team and I are currently looking for Worldbuilders/Mapmakers with specific experience building custom maps in Dragon Mod and Centred+, plus other programs. We are currently working on a custom map that will be growing as the shard itself grows. This can potentially be a...
  5. Punkte

    Ultima Shards Soon To Revive/Relaunch/Launch T2A/UOR/AOS/ML Shards - Looking For Dedicated Staff!

    Hey guys! While Ultima Shards has seen a downtick in playerbase, we are still committed to providing players with an excellent multi-era experience, as we've always had the intention to build. We are currently looking for 3-4 staff members that can dedicate a good amount of time daily/weekly...
  6. Punkte

    Ultima Shards: Multiverse - T2A Launch Trailer released!

    Ultima Shards: Multiverse - T2A Launch Trailer released!
  7. Punkte

    Ultima Shards: Multiverse - AOS and T2A Shards

    Ultima Shards: Multiverse - T2A Launch Trailer has been released! Check it out!
  8. Punkte

    Ultima Shards: Multiverse - T2A is now in full development and an official Open Beta will be...

    Ultima Shards: Multiverse - T2A is now in full development and an official Open Beta will be announced soon! Stay tuned!
  9. Punkte

    Ultima Shards: Multiverse - AOS and T2A Shards

    Very excited to announce that we are on track for announcing an official open beta for our T2A server. Please stay tuned and check us out on Discord for updates on the progress of T2A as well as AOS.
  10. Punkte

    Event Creator/Moderator/World Builder/Community Manager.

    Hey there @Serenity. Definitely interested in talking to you more, will be sending you a PM shortly.
  11. Punkte

    Overriding paperdoll quest gump

    This is an example of part of the code I have for mine. It doesnt show everything, but still enough to need to know what your doing. public static void Initialize() { EventSink.QuestGumpRequest += QuestButtonGump; CommandUtility.Register("Info"...
  12. Punkte

    Doom Points System

    Probably just need to delete the namespace for the achievement. Was maybe some old Achievement namespace we had for killing the DarkFather back when I released this.
  13. Punkte

    Hue Script Issue

    I would take a look at how the pigments of Tokuno work and mirror your classes based off that. It may be a bigger help for you.
  14. Punkte

    Not A Bug Slayer Spellbooks don't apply damage icrease

    In Spell.cs, method GetDamageScalar should have an if statement to check for Core.AOS, and under it should be... if( Core.AOS ) scalar *= GetSlayerDamageScalar( target ); that method should call this which should return the 2x increased damage. public virtual double...
  15. Punkte

    Hue Script Issue

    Just out of curiousity. Why are you adding custom properties for things that already exist within all items? Like Name and Hue properties. In the constructor you should just be setting Name = "Everything Else - Blue" and the Hue should be set to the Blue hue color you want using Hue = 33 (or...
  16. Punkte

    Fixed Paragon chest items doesn't created via Random Magic Item Generator

    Make sure your Fill method looks something like this. It needs to have the if/else statement for checking Core.AOS private void Fill( int level ) { TrapType = TrapType.ExplosionTrap; TrapPower = level * 25; TrapLevel = level...
  17. Punkte

    Adding Custom Tokens To All Monster Drops

    First of all, it will be like 4344328432483x better if you used visual studio because then youll be able to see what errors are going on before hand. Your likely getting an error because you have 2 classes with the same name. You dont need to remove the silver.cs, just copy and past it and...
  18. Punkte

    Adding Custom Tokens To All Monster Drops

    I think he means are you trying to add the currency as "Physical Loot"? like how gold is on monsters? Or are you trying to make it a property in the code on a player? Like when this monster dies, award the player 100 currency (you dont actually see it, but people can access it with custom store...
  19. Punkte

    Adding Custom Tokens To All Monster Drops

    If you want to add it to all monster drops, go to GenerateLoot method in BaseCreature.cs and add the currency in there. Otherwise if you want specific groups of mobs you can make if statements there like this... if (this is Skeleton || this is Ghoul || this is Wraith) { PackItem(new...
  20. Punkte

    Happy Holidays everyone! Have a fantastic day! Cheers!

    Happy Holidays everyone! Have a fantastic day! Cheers!