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  1. Lionar

    Editing a bmp Map - Dragon, Photoshop and jungle landtile.

    Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble editing a bmp map which will then have to be converted through Dragon 13. Using the bmp map that you find attached, via photoshop (which I imported addons like brushes and color samples made for dragon ) to eliminate all the "jungle" terrains I used...
  2. Lionar

    [ServUo] 130+ spells Spellbook and ACC complete Spell System - Can't have more that 64 spells?

    Hello everyone! actually i'm using this: and i've created my own spells using the spell system of this great resource. Right now i've created more than 130 new custom spells (in 1 single spellschool) but i'm having some...
  3. Lionar

    How do Regions work?

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to configure the regions of a custom map from 0. I found some interesting editors here in the forum but honestly I'm not comfortable using them. So I started working with Region.Xml taking the coordinates from UoFiddler or from the game itself. But now I have some...
  4. Lionar

    Mount Seat Z

    Hello Everyone, running on Servuo, Client 7.0.15. I'm trying to add some custom mounts but i'm having some annoying issues with the seat of the new mounts. As you can see, seems that on the custom mount (the left one) the player is sitting higher than the normal one. How can i work on to fix this?
  5. Lionar

    Server Loop on Save

    Hello everyone running Servuo. I'm having some big issues with saves. It happens sometimes that shard seems to loop on save and if i manually close it all saves folder just will be deleted (i love backups). I started searching on some serialize or deserialize rows but everything seems to...
  6. Lionar

    Hide unknow recipes and adding new recipes

    Hello everyone, using ServUO i'm trying to hide from the craftlist of every def.cs the craft index to the recipes that player doesn't know. I've tryed to start from CraftSystem.cs, editing: public CraftSystem(int minCraftEffect, int maxCraftEffect, double delay, Mobile from) //edit here...
  7. Lionar

    Color of Items on MovingParticles

    Hello, i'm going crazy on adding a simple hued movingeffect, i've tryed: - source.MovingParticles( m, 0x9ECE, 5, 0, false, true, 2774, 0, 3006, 4006, 0, 0 ); - Effects.SendMovingEffect(this.Caster, m, 0x9ECE, 5, 0, false, true, 2774, 0); That "2774" is the hue i've choose after 10 mins...
  8. Lionar

    How LightLevels works?

    Hello, i'm working to make a realistic Sleep System. To make it really realistic ( :D ) players that falls sleep have to "Close" their eyes. So i've just added a "pm.LightLevel = 30" or "pm.LightLevel = 0" when needed but nothing seems to change on player's screen. I've played a littlebit with...
  9. Lionar

    Naked dead player Corpses.

    Hello, i'm having some troubles with player's dead bodies. It seems that even if they have armor geared up the corpse will be naked when they die. I was trying to install a Sleepable Bed System found out on resources when i've found this weird thing on sleeping body too. Someone can plz help me...
  10. Lionar

    Weird things happening on world

    Hello, i've started a Runuo 2.0 (build 4628.34607) server some years ago and now i've wanted to start a new one with newest ServUo releases to create new original Systems. I wanted to keep my old client folder ( it tooks years to customize it, i use UO Version patch 72 ) on new version...
  11. Lionar

    MulPatcher Issues.

    Hello Everybody, first of all sorry if this is the wrong section to open this kind of thread. Anyways.. i'm trying to add some new Monster animations but i dind't knew how to do it so i've found this guide...
  12. Lionar

    Razor Negotiator and Spell Format.

    Hello everyone, i'm having some problems to stop razor to change the format of the Spells while Casting. Currently on Razor in the " Options " tab there is "Format" below the display . Currently is set "{power} [{spell}]" .. power is the "formula" of the spell (In Vas Mani, Vas Flam), {spell} is...
  13. Lionar

    Sleep System Bug

    Hello i'm trying to install on my server the sleep sistem of NewUO : Here there is the link:от-newuo.102542/ I Followed all instructions but i'm having several problems like: 1) Everytime i save-restart...
  14. Lionar

    Hello everybody!

    Hello everybody, i 'm so happy to see that a comunity like this is keeping up :) Hoping to be fully a member soon to be part of the comunity.