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  1. john burns

    StaffAtlas, adding pages

    How do I add additional pages to the staffatlas? (here is the code) using System; using Server.Network; using Server.Gumps; using Server.Prompts; using Server.Mobiles; using Server.Items; using Server.Misc; using Server.Spells; using Server.Spells.Fourth; using Server.Spells.Seventh; using...
  2. john burns

    TelMur map increased in size, now all black

    I have increased the size of the TelMur map. I hae edited Mapdefinitions.cs and Map.cs, and when I get into the game everything is black on the map where there should be dungeons and land. Did I miss something?
  3. john burns

    Centred+ - Bad map files

    Set up centred+. Had it working before. Decided to use an updated client. Used UOPTool to extract the mul files. Map size = 896x512 Now getting this error: ======= CentrED+ Server [Version: 0.7.9 Build: 270] ======= Copyright: "UO CentrED" ver 0.6.1 (c) 2009 Andreas Schneider ...
  4. john burns

    DarkShard is Down?

    Appears we lost a valuable resource. is down. Says it is parked by its host. If he was going to just let the site go, make it so we could still have access to the maps. I wish it was still up.
  5. john burns

    Custom Map Making

    I searched all over and found information on custom map making that is years old, or inaccurate. I have followed posts and links in those posts. Leaving my question unanswered. How do you make a custom map from start to finish? Making the map in a bitmap picture, setting the properties, bit...
  6. john burns

    Scripts will not compile

    ok, downloaded Land of Archon, loved it had so much already preinstalled and thought what the heck, so its been a while since I actually started a server from step 1. Getting the error " Scripts: One or more scripts failed to compile or no script files were found." Changed Datapath in both...
  7. john burns

    GIMP with UOLandscaper

    I use GIMP for making a custom map, according to a tutorial I found I am supposed to change image mode to index setting, but when I do that the map does not render well. Is there a 100% map making program or tutorial that works for making your own custom map.
  8. john burns

    Console Account Listings

    anybody come up with a solution to displaying accounts on the server console? I know they are listed when they sign in or out, but is there an option or a new menu set up for displaying accounts?
  9. john burns

    Halloween Pumpkin Animations

    I notice on the pumpkin carving kit there is more pumpkins than there is animations. Has anyone found ALL of the animations for the pumpkins or know where I can get them.
  10. john burns

    Chivalry or "I pray to the gods" spell package

    Looking for the spell package where a player says "I pray to the gods" and a gump appears with a listing of spells. Someone said it was Chivalry, but I looked everywhere and can't find it. I would like to add it to my shard for our use. Help.
  11. john burns

    Unconfirmed Bug VitaNexCore "UnSafe Command" to be specified

    Here is the complete error report I am getting: ServUO - [] Version 0.5, Build 6738.27069 - Build on 6/13/2018 3:02:18 PM UTC - Release Core: Running with arguments: -noconsole Core: Optimizing for 2 64-bit processors Core: Unix environment detected Core: Compiled for MONO...
  12. john burns


    Great system, but getting these errors: + Services/VitaNexCore/Misc/SpawnZone.cs: CS0227: Line 343: Unsafe code requires the `unsafe' command line option to be specified + Services/VitaNexCore/Text/UOFont.cs: CS0227: Line 193: Unsafe code requires the `unsafe' command line option to...
  13. john burns

    Compile Problem with lastest server

    I have tried to set up the server but getting some error related to XMLAttachment.cs, here is the ouput I been getting: ServUO - [] Version 0.5, Build 6729.25249 - Build on 6/4/2018 2:01:38 PM UTC - Release Core: Running with arguments: -noconsole Core: Optimizing for 2...
  14. john burns

    LegacyMulConverter in Linux

    trying to get legacymulconverter to work in linux, but when I issue the command, I get the following errors: WARNING: The runtime version supported by this application is unavailable. Using default runtime: v4.0.30319 Directory '/home/jburns/servuo/mul/map0.mul' does not exist! any help would...
  15. john burns

    I am trying to add ULive 0.98

    trying to add ulive 0.98 for automatic map updates, and decided what the hell, while I am at it to modify all files needed in case we decide to use the full capacity of the package. when I edited the tilelist.cs file, and recompiled my core using the provided "makefile" file, I am getting the...
  16. john burns

    Help with ULive 0.98

    Using ULive 0.98 and I notice there is a harvest gump system available to make trees into stumps when you chop them. anyone know how to make this system work? I added it all in and ULive works just fine, but I can chop the heck out of trees and they still look as if I didn't touch them. Any...
  17. john burns

    Cannot place boats

    ok, we have custom maps, but the water tiles are still the same. but we cannot place any ships anywhere, not even at a dock. any suggestions? fixes? * * * * E D I T * * * * Client Version = Water Tiles = Standard
  18. john burns

    How to add custom monsters

    I have seen and read how to add custom monster animations by the posting in here. What troubles me is I can add 2 custom monsters with those instructions, but when I try to add anymore the client does not see them. Anyone have a better way or a better understanding of how to add custom monster...
  19. john burns

    Extracting UOP files

    Using UOFiddler and Legacy UOP converter, I have the newest client and when I try to extract the gumpartlegacymul.uop file I get an error. Anyone have a way around this?
  20. john burns

    When Staff Is Hiding, Have The Ability To Walk Thru Walls & Etc.

    I have the GMHidingStone script, and I would like to add a property to it so when staff hides, they are able to walk thru walls, doors, and etc. When the staff unhides, they go back to normal. Anyone know how to do this? Or has this been attempted before?