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  1. golfin

    Small character animation

    I began to work on the diminutive animation of the body, clothes, armor, and weapons of the character. The first show looks promising. Reduce original animation to 80% size. It will be a lot of work, but it does. But it is also necessary to reduce the wagons (horses, lamas, etc.) Correction...
  2. golfin

    What can I do with UO Lanscaper - preview

    It is not used, but it exists in the original UO game: I created it using UO landscaper version 1.5, just need to edit xml files and add non-existent mountains. Hapy New Your 2019
  3. golfin

    I have a chance?

    Hello everyone. I can create Ultima Online, but I can not program it. For years I was a graphic designer and developer for UO. I know the files, I can work with them. But I can not program. I only worked with Sphere, but I did not even program much there. I want to ask. Am I able to learn to...