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  1. Yvan Major

    Small Taming BOD *** SOLVED ***

    Ok i don't know if someone is able enough to fix this but here is the problem. 1) I changed all the taming BOD scripts to the same way the latest repo works. 2) I can create the smalls and larges has a GM, they fill, they turn in perfectly. 3) The larges are distributed correctly by the...
  2. Yvan Major

    Replace GumpID *** SOLVED ***

    Hi again, I tried to replace the Trash - Cleanup Britannia container gump because its a barrel with the backpack gump but this line make it just unopenable anyone could point me in the good direction ? [Constructable] public CleanupTrashBarrel() : base(0x44F2)...
  3. Yvan Major


    Hi all, i dont know if anyone know an app or a site or even a way to get the "source code?" for any items in the data. I'd like to update the Taming BOD system and some of the codes are wrong. GiantSpider,0x25C6 FrostSpider,0x25C7 But actually the code 0x25C7 is a Ghost not at all a spider...
  4. Yvan Major

    Reward Title List ? *** Solved ***

    Anyone know where i can "edit" the reward title deed list in Rewards.cs? RewardCollection.Add(new BODCollectionItem(0x14F0, 1157191, 0, 25, RewardTitle, 10)); RewardCollection.Add(new BODCollectionItem(0x14F0, 1157192, 0, 50, RewardTitle, 11))...
  5. Yvan Major

    Adding skill to an item *** Solved ***

    HI all, if i want to add a skill to an item, like in this reward sandals from tailoring, if i want the sandals to add +1, +3 or +5 to tailoring skill and want it to be over cap of the 120, how do i do that please ? private static readonly ConstructCallback Sandals = new...
  6. Yvan Major

    Stackable Bottle *** Solved ***

    Hi all, here is my code for "Spring Water" reagent and i want to use a bottle dyed blue for it and i cannot seems to make it stackable even if it is coded Base Reagent. Here is the code and thanks for any help! using System; namespace Server.Items { // TODO: Commodity? public class...
  7. Yvan Major

    Compiling error *** Solved ***

    Something wrong about this "ArrayList" wich give me an error compiling script. #region FS:ATS Edits if ( FSATS.EnablePetLeveling == true ) { ArrayList toCheck = new ArrayList(); List<DamageEntry> rights = this.DamageEntries...
  8. Yvan Major

    Pet Breeding System for latest ServUO

    HI all, i know some good scripters were able to make a "working" pet breeding system with latest ServUO and i would like to get something like this for my personnal server. I am an electrician so basically i can do/modify some things but not enough knowledge to create such a thing from scratch...
  9. Yvan Major

    UOP Conversion

    Hi, anyone know if there is any working *.uop file converter to .mul and even more if there is a way to put back the .mul into .uop ? I've tried the UOP Converter but it seems not working on Windows 10 and i have no known way to revert my *.mul files into *.uop Thanks!
  10. Yvan Major

    2 players looking for NA Server

    Hi all, me and my wife are looking for a North American server, with custom crafting/materials preferably. And maybe enhanced client? Thanks !
  11. Yvan Major

    Fixed Heartwood Quests

    The items given in bags from Heartwood Quests are not correctly dropped since they dont have the item level on it and jewelry do not have the durability.
  12. Yvan Major

    Bulk Order Book Covers

    Hi everyone, i am trying to make the OSI buyable BOD Covers Token. So far i got it to work but when i select a choice the bag doesn't drop. If anyone is able to help that would be awesome. Thanks a lot! using System; using Server; using Server.Network; using Server.Engines.VeteranRewards...
  13. Yvan Major

    Fixed Enhanced Bandages / Fountain Of Life

    The enhanced bandages should stack in the fountain of life.
  14. Yvan Major

    Fixed Silver Serpents

    Silver Serpents should drop Silver Snake Skin in TerMur or Tomb Of Kings. and should have a chance of dropping Silver Serpent Venom. I dont have the exact rate of drop but its around 1 on 10 for one or another but can have both on OSI.
  15. Yvan Major

    Confirmed Bug Chaga Mushroom

    On OSI there is 3 Chaga Mushroom that spawn between the 2 red lines in the tomb of king. «Spawns on the floor in the north passage of the Tomb of Kings near the entrance of Abyssal Infernal Champion Spawn»
  16. Yvan Major

    Not A Bug Imbuing Ingredients

    Imbuing Ingredients to add magical properties listed there should weight 0.1 this.Weight = 0.1; The 3 base ingredients are 1 stone each. ( Magical Residue, Enchanted Essence, Relic Fragment ) The Magical Residue should still have a chance to drop when unraveling medium items. Not...
  17. Yvan Major

    Spike Head

    Hi, i am trying to create the spike head, it load correctly but it tell me This is when i try to add it to a monster. Thanks for any help.
  18. Yvan Major

    Fixed Ye Olde Gargish Quest

    Axem The Curator give the quest named «YeOldeGargishQuest» Completing it you will receive a Bulging Museum Bag that will randomly give you 20 imbuing reagents. But the Fey Wings are not made to be stackable, so when you get them the bag say 3 items but there is only 2 in the bag...
  19. Yvan Major

    Fixed Ancient Pottery Fragments

    The ancient pottery fragment from the quest "A Broken Vase" is not using the correct ItemID. The correct one is 0x2243 of hue that is very close to 2108. The actual one is the Enchanted Switch. On OSI it is NOT stackable also...
  20. Yvan Major

    Fixed Tinkering Items not marking

    The tinkered items are ALL not marking. On OSI you can craft for example scissors and they will mark the crafter name. The items that are not supposed to mark have the code ForceNonExceptional, so if its not exceptional, it can't mark no ?