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  1. kfritz411

    ServUO - Monsters using Bolas

    Hey Folks! So, I found this neat thing in Pub54 where monsters can toss a bola to dismount. I tried adding that into my Pub56 but I'm getting errors. I can't seem to dig this one out, any help would be greatly apreciated: public static void TossBola(Mobile from) { if...
  2. kfritz411

    ServUO - Help with Quest Chain

    Setting up quest chain with multiple NPC Questers. I have everything configured, it compiles, no errors. Ran across a situation where someone found NPC Quester #4 and were able to take that NPC's quest without completing the first 3 quests. Do quest chains only work if it's the same NPC...
  3. kfritz411

    ServUO - Help with ApprenticeObjective on quest

    I'm using this string this.AddObjective(new ApprenticeObjective(SkillName.Wrestling, 100, "Haven", 0, 0)); However, if the player is already at 100 wrestling the quest isn't seeing it. On my test player I had to drop skill to 99.9 and then gain the .1 again. Is this the way it works or am I...
  4. kfritz411

    ServUO - Pub56 - Pet Training

    Found an interesting bit today. In order to "train" the dragon, you have to be at 108 taming skill (not counting gear bonuses). I can't seem to find where is that controlled. Any ideas? I looked in PetTrainingHelper, but I don't see anything that seems to be relating to required skill to...
  5. kfritz411

    ServUO - Restrict Buying From Vendor

    Working on a few things and had an idea that I don't know how to implement...... Special vendor that requires an "Account Tag" in order for players to purchase goods. I know how to add the account tag, just not sure how to make the vendor validate that tag exists when player attempts to use...
  6. kfritz411

    ServUO - Questions about what Sound to use

    I found in the body table: 1427 Animal # Titan_Water_Tentacle 1431 Animal # Titan_Earth_Head 1432 Animal # Titan_Air_Whirlwind 1433 Monster # Titan_Fire_Demon does anyone know what "sounds" go with these?
  7. kfritz411

    ServUO - BlueMagic

    Don't know if anyone is familiar with or is currently using the old "Blue Magic" expansion, but I can not for the life of me figure out what this means. In the ReadMe is a map of Ilsh with some color coded areas. I have no idea what "Mark" means... The purple dots..... There's a sparkly tree...
  8. kfritz411

    ServUO - Help with HAB Token

    I have taken the HAB token from Pub57 release and stripped out the Account Bound pieces. I then added the hair/beard for human and elf males. No matter how I try to adjust this gump, I can not get it to nicely break onto 3 lines. I just keeps adding to the second line: If someone out there...
  9. kfritz411

    ServUO - That type is not marked constructable

    No clue what's wrong here. Any time I try to create a Daemon I get the "error" "That type is not marked constructable" No idea what that even means or where I might start to look... any help would be greatly appreciated! 1609184797 I've tried copying Daemon script from base pub, from other...
  10. kfritz411

    ServUO - Pub54

    Looking for someone experienced with ServUO and C# that I can bombard with endless questions/issues that I come across as I attempt to build this nightmarish Frankenstein of a project. I'm more than willing to learn and do the work, but some things I just do NOT understand why/why not/where/how...
  11. kfritz411

    ServUO - SwampDragon - EvoCreatures - DragonBarding

    Hey Folks, back with another one.... So I have attempted to add Barding to the EvoSwampDragons. I got everything compiling OK, I edited DragonBardingDeed and AOS but no matter what I do I can't get the deed to recognize the creature. I just constantly get "That is not an unarmored swamp...
  12. kfritz411

    ServUO - Pub54 - Imbuing issues

    I began with this as my base And to my knowledge I haven't touched Imbuing at all..... I seem to have run into a bit of trouble with my Pub54 and imbuing. Hoping someone might have idea where I can begin...
  13. kfritz411

    ServUO - Custom Weapon and Special Attacks

    So I've been learning and tinkering around. I figured I'd try my hand at adding some new weapons. It works, I got the graphics in, scripted an item, but the special attacks are acting as if I have nothing, and when I double click on them they enable and immediately disable........ No idea...
  14. kfritz411

    ServUO - OWLTR Questions about calculations

    Hey Folks! one of my testers found that my server is not applying "correct" bonuses based on smith/armslore/material. I honestly have no idea what I'm looking at but I did find this: I'm assuming that's where the base of Bronze is located and that reads fireresist increase would be 3 - 4...
  15. kfritz411

    ServUO - Custom Container

    Hey Folks, ServUO Pub 54 A few people here have been gracious enough to help me and weather my endless barrage of questions. I've been told this is a loosing battle but figured I'd open it up and see if anyone has any "tricks" I have added custom art and have it showing up correctly. I...
  16. kfritz411

    ServUO - UOFiddler - Custom Equipment

    Hello again! I've been playing around with UOFiddler and adding custom assets. With help, I managed to figure out that my client uses the UOP files, so I got everything unpacked/repacked and I've got custom art showing up OK but now I'm trying to "fiddle" with the Gumps. I can't seem to...
  17. kfritz411

    ServUO - Can't get new art to show up

    Hey Folks! I followed the tutorial here: I just made a static item instead of animated. I set it as a container, gave it height and weight and name. Saved. When I open the files with UOFiddler I can see my custom...
  18. kfritz411

    Rings Of Race Change

    kfritz411 submitted a new resource: Rings Of Race Change - These rings will change race and appearance while worn. Read more about this resource...
  19. kfritz411

    ServUO - Ring Of Gargish Kind

    I got this script working but have one piece I just can't seem to get. In the attached file, on line 40, I'm trying to find a way to "temporarily" overwrite the HairItemID. If I use HairItemID then it permanently overwrites and when the player is changed back to Human the Gargoyle Horns...
  20. kfritz411

    ServUO - Carpentry crafting gump problem

    Hey Folks, So I seem to have a bit of an issue where the gump isn't auto sizing and my menu is bleeding over: Any ideas?