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    The few issues I’ve seen with ServUO have mainly comedown the architecture compatibility.
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    Depends on the direction they want to go, ServUO is working on phasing support for older expansions, it might be easier from them to develop from their current base if they plan to keep that functionality in place rather than work backwards from ServUO's current code base.
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    Death Knight Champion Spawn

    Triberius updated Death Knight Champion Spawn with a new update entry: Adjustments to Champ Boss Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Death Knight Champion Spawn - Adjustments to Champ Boss

    The original files date back to 2008, a lot has changed since then. I've updated the boss mobile Soth.cs hit points to keep him from being such a pushover.
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    Death Knight Champion Spawn

    Triberius submitted a new resource: Death Knight Champion Spawn - For the D&D Fans Read more about this resource...
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    Death Knight Champion Spawn 3.1

    Years ago I created a custom Champ Spawn based on Death Knights from Dungeon's and Dragons. I decided to make the necessary edits to get it to work with ServUO and re-release it. Installation is simple, merge the files in Distro-Edits folder with your files, or if you are running stock files...
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    Approaching Player names and item names

    The problem happens after you edit the config file, pointing to the problem being elsewhere.
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    Noticed that this is becoming the next step in Private UO Server evolution thought I'd register to facilitate keeping up with everything.