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  1. Falkor

    How can I make my server compatible with Sallos?

    You won't be disappointed with Classic UO. It is everything Sallos hoped to be times 1000.
  2. Falkor

    How can I make my server compatible with Sallos?

    I didn't know it was still developed. Pretty much everyone on it went to this one instead:
  3. Falkor

    Help for Adventure's mysterious corpse lag (runuo)

    I wonder if the lag isn't corpse-related then but somewhere in the player backpack script? By that point in the script all the checks have been done so they can't be the source of the lag; simply moving the resulting item causes lag and the next thing downstream is the player's pack script.
  4. Falkor

    Servuo & ML or Samurai empire

    Hasn't the current ServUO dropped all support for prior eras?
  5. Falkor

    Help for Adventure's mysterious corpse lag (runuo)

    Couple of random questions: Is it when looting manually or with a script of any kind? If a staffer loots the corpse does it cause lag then?
  6. Falkor

    Getting back from -Karma

    Fame and karma awards are done in basecreature. See the "if (GivesFameAndKarmaAward)" for details. Btw, are you getting fame? If not, there's a larger issue happening somewhere. I have the Archon files and the only mobs in the whole server that don't award fame / karma are the revamped...
  7. Falkor

    Getting back from -Karma

    You may need to unlock your karma again. Each time it goes negative, it will have to be unlocked to go up again. At zero karma, killing almost any mob should result in a gain.
  8. Falkor

    Getting back from -Karma

    Yes - karma can be dropped to the max of -20000 just by using necro spells long enough.
  9. Falkor

    Getting back from -Karma

    You must go to an ankh and choose "unlock karma"
  10. Falkor

    Is the Ultima Odyssey thread no more?

    Don't worry - it'll get moved back over here when RunUO disappears again. It may be the original and all, but they walked away from it and let it disappear so the last thing I would ever do now is reward them for doing so. Without ServUO the emu community would be a LOT thinner today!
  11. Falkor

    Wanting to add 105 Power Scroll to the drop

    PsCount = ChampionSpawn ? 5 : 2; //set how many ps to give if it spawned using champ spawn or normal spawn for ( int i = 0; i < PsCount; ++i ) { Mobile m = (Mobile)toGive[i % toGive.Count]; int level; double random =...
  12. Falkor

    Chest-like bank

    Even if you do script it, the client will have an issue displaying it. For example, if you do an AccessLevel check on the person double-clicking the container and set its GumpID accordingly, the client will have cached the first (default) gump loaded when the item appeared on screen. It won't...
  13. Falkor

    Loot level seems way too high, way to lower it?

    Loot quality went up because a ton of it is needed for imbuing. That and they knew that 99% of it went unclaimed by any player older than 48 hours. A plain dagger and a cut of ribs doesn't get anybody excited! Sometimes you get a nice piece worthy of using but most of it ends up getting...
  14. Falkor

    Wrong ore type when mined with a Gargoyles Pickaxe

    The whole point behind a gargoyle's pickaxe is that it raises a vein by one level, so mining a plat deposit with one should give you mytheril rock. Sounds like it's working like it should.
  15. Falkor

    The changes in server scripts Are not applying
  16. Falkor

    Restoring the old Gargoyle City in Ilshenar

    Copying old MUL files from an old client to a newer one that still supports muls is just that -- copy and paste. MUL files used DIF files to specify changes between Tram and Fel. I don't know how to edit those. AFAIK nobody has a working MUL to UOP when it comes to maps. I had to do Magincia...
  17. Falkor

    Restoring the old Gargoyle City in Ilshenar

    I've never heard of a method to restore the old maps. I re-created the old Magincia by hand for Whispering Pines client I exported the entire city from as a giant addon and then froze it into the new map. It didn't grab the floor/road tiles so I placed every one of those by...
  18. Falkor

    Mule Regenerates HPs to quick.

    It's doable - it just takes practice. There's a fine line between killing him and not having enough time to tame but it can be done. I watched people tame it hundreds of times over 10+ years.
  19. Falkor

    Instruments and tools displaying uses remaining/durability (ServUO 57)

    Don't keep the solution a secret -- somebody will find this thread in a search years from now and like 99% of every other promising link on the internet, it'll end without the resolution being shared!
  20. Falkor

    Instruments and tools displaying uses remaining/durability (ServUO 57)

    The older eras don't display the OPL (object property list) so the lines that add the durability to that list don't do anything on your shard. The tools use this line to display durability in non-OPL situations. I don't know if it will work for instruments but it can't hurt to try! Add this...