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  1. ETsCat

    Dungeon Map For Map 4

    Think they will work with the newest patch?
  2. ETsCat

    OK. I must have lost another brain cell after 70. I need the ServUO master , and all I get is...

    OK. I must have lost another brain cell after 70. I need the ServUO master , and all I get is news about it.? Please let me know an easy way to get restarted.
  3. ETsCat

    Custom Maps

    Darkshard dvd was great, but it makes the shard too big. takes to long to d/l , as to the race changes, I have tried and there is so much stuff that is tied to things like the Gargoyles. If you get this working, let me know. Hackiem at etscat1 at PS would love to be a beta tester for...
  4. ETsCat

    found a resource for map builders

    found a good info page, unfortunately some links are already dead. but worth the read. explains a lot about mul files and other files, also has some good links.
  5. ETsCat

    anyone able to get DeepMinningSystem working?

    using ServUO Repack by LoA 2-11-18 REV 2, and its included 7.0.60 client, want to play around with the deep mining system. have tried to load it and its just a tad to complicated for my brain. need help with it. 1559265868 I found the files, but no instructions
  6. ETsCat

    need help with toolbar for me

    yup it works! thank you all
  7. ETsCat

    need help with toolbar for me

    My old school share needs to be brought up to max client. But when I set it up either I crash with Vita-Nex or I don't have a toolbar. why can't the gm toolbar be added without Vita-Nex? my errors with Vita-Nex and no toolbars for gm. 1558983848
  8. ETsCat

    Vita Core and ServUO v0.5 Errors

    ok loaded it and had over 20 errors. so guess it don't work for custom mapped shards. shard was working before loaded, now it wont get past the star
  9. ETsCat

    Vita Core and ServUO v0.5 Errors

    I can't find the vitanex files anywhere
  10. ETsCat

    Last UO Client before the big lock down

    what we that use custom maps need is a monster that roams the world droping xml spawners. what a pain those are.. and the original felucca map was to give pvp a chance.
  11. ETsCat

    Need help advancing to max client.

    any help will be loved. I get this error on startup. +Mobiles/playermobile.cs: "cs0260: Line 108: Missing partial modifier on declaration of type 'Server.Mobiles.PlayerMobile'; another partial declaration of this type exists" using max client with DeepMiningSystem and OrbRemoteServer...
  12. ETsCat

    Last UO Client before the big lock down

    should put a link to the iso for each client
  13. ETsCat

    Shard Opinions

    need help. adding a tocanoo replacement and can't get it to load. it loads the trammel map instead. and I can't walk 1558060323
  14. ETsCat

    Public Maps / Free Maps

    only problem is you want to "add to crome" to get those, I have enough junk added to crome
  15. ETsCat

    Custom Maps

    Darkshard is gone. and the replacement is . Trouble is you can not contact them. What I am looking for is maps to replace the last 2 of the six we get from UO. Will try to open before Xmas, but that is with only 4 maps. I really want the other 2 maps, but...
  16. ETsCat


    what I really need is to make UOPs of my maps. so that I can add to the newest uo... now using pre-uop client.
  17. ETsCat

    Res Kill Protection

    thank you for this
  18. ETsCat

    Getting started with ServUO

    To fix that I just put the client files for the server in my servuo folder and aim it there. And note that I always start my server in admin.
  19. ETsCat

    How do Regions work?

    is there a command for taking all Regions out? like with the Clearfacet commands to get ride of garbage?
  20. ETsCat

    Gametec’s Great Big Book of Ideas

    I would like to see A hidden teleporter that moves to many different places, or the teleports you to any number(settable buy gm) of places. say if you hit one it may send you to doom, or britain graveyard. and next time may send you to a town on another map.