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  1. Vorspire

    Using newer uo client with older uop files...

    The major file format change that causes the most headaches; 7.0.9 expanded TileData by 4 bytes per entry, changing TileFlags from 32 to 64-bit (uint to ulong) Also later, when the format changed from mul to uop, it added multicollection.uop and tileart.uop. These files respectively became the...
  2. Vorspire

    SERVUO does not read/consider custom scripts?

    You have to rebuild the entire project when you make a change. The Dynamic compiling of /Scripts was removed some time ago. Run the Compile*.bat to produce a new Server.dll, Scripts.dll and ServUO.exe
  3. Vorspire

    Confirmed Bug Player Bags going - weight
  4. Vorspire

    Confirmed Bug Player Bags going - weight

    It's likely localized to the quivers since they handle things in a different way to most/all containers. It's also likely to be triggered by stackable items that were split from a stack - the bounce fix does not attempt to re-stack the items.
  5. Vorspire

    Fixed Latest Github change (09da8949d) and Admin Tags option crash

    I am hoping this fixes it. The core edit to Gump.cs has to stay :)
  6. Vorspire

    Animals that eat prey animals they kill (RunUO 2.2)

    That's the code they had originally, Utility.cs needs updated for generic support with this change; public static T RandomList<T>( params T[] list ) { return list[RandomImpl.Next(list.Length)]; } That will make it support any given type, not just ints. I don't think you need to have...
  7. Vorspire

    Animals that eat prey animals they kill (RunUO 2.2)

    IMO, for a system like this, you need a grand illusion instead of standard logical mechanics. The predators technically wouldn't be out and about if they're not hunting for food, but that depends on their species. Having a hunger meter would make sense so long as their AI is constantly running...
  8. Vorspire

    Knive's Town Houses

    Vorspire updated Knive's Town Houses with a new update entry: 3.01 Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. Vorspire

    Knive's Town Houses - 3.01

    Critical fix for gump response packet handler hook.
  10. Vorspire

    When using Make I get an error that C# is outdated

    You can try making these modifications:
  11. Vorspire

    Can't complie ServUO despite having .Net 4.8 developer pack

    Delete all the old 'bin' and 'obj' folders that you can find in your project, then try to compile again.
  12. Vorspire

    Can't complie ServUO despite having .Net 4.8 developer pack

    Install the .NET Core 3.1 SDK's.
  13. Vorspire

    Issue with VitaNex

    Maybe the other process is UOFiddler or another tool then? Or maybe you opened two of the same ServUO.exe?
  14. Vorspire

    PSA: latest ServUO build (#4829) breaks Vita-Nex

    Something used by the rug add-ons apparently. Renaming it to Server.Items.ItemSize and refactoring the rugs will fix the issue. It should be renamed because it conflicts with native type System.Drawing.Size.
  15. Vorspire

    Issue with VitaNex

    You must ensure that the files loaded by ServUO.exe are a copy of the files that you use to play the game with, and they must be separate installations. You can't have client.exe and ServUO.exe trying to load the same game files.
  16. Vorspire

    Power hour api not keeping time properly?

    Yup! Just so everyone else knows :P
  17. Vorspire

    Power hour api not keeping time properly?

    An update was released to address this issue :)
  18. Vorspire

    Creating Animal Buyer

    Implement a pet shrinking system that lets you turn them into statuettes - there are a few available - then add the shrink item to the vendor buy-back list with a price of 0. After that, you'll need a little special handling to take care of what kind of pet the idols contain, if you want to...
  19. Vorspire

    how i can spawn a monster in a specific hour all days?

    An opportunity for a micro-tutorial on Vita-Nex: Core Schedules! :shameless plug: using System; using VitaNex.Schedules; namespace Server.Mobiles { public static class ScheduledSpawn { public static Schedule Instance { get; private set; } public static void...
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    Power Hour API

    Vorspire updated Power Hour API with a new update entry: Read the rest of this update entry...