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    Help a newbie. Creating OSIlike world (with Nerun 151)

    How can I create a new Server and include Neruns Distro 151 with it ? Will Neruns Distro interfere with other Spawns ? How can I create a OSI like world with all the wildlife etc ? When I use the "basic" ServUO Disto, the world seems to have much to less wildlife (rats, birds etc...) Or must I...
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    Hello, just wandered from Runuo to Servuo

    as a former UO player I used RunUO till now, but since RunUO doesn't keep up with the new OSI Changes I just want to try ServUO. I downloaded the complete ServUO package and spawned the Server. It looks great, but I think the wildlife is not so various as in RunUO with Neruns Distro / OSI...