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    Runic properties issue.

    Hello! Getting issue with runic tools. In ResourceInfo.cs all is normal,valorite hammer is setup to 5 props min,and 5 props max. Some weapons getting 4 properties instead of 5,some one with this issue? Here the code of the runic craft in valorite: //Valorite info runic...
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    Spawn creature randomly in the world?

    Hello!Its possible to spawn a creature in random location in all the world?Maybe using xmlspawner? Thank you!
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    Hello!Need help on colored tub!

    Hello!I have a colore tub,but need help doing the player can choose the hue on firt double click,example: Character receive dye tub with standard hue,he double click the hue,and he able to select the hue he want. When the hue is not standard hue,on double click the tub just show the target with...
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    Evolution dragon "KP" not gaining kill points on damage,need help!

    Hello!I updated old KP evolution dragon to get it on server,it loads well,i add the egg,i get my stage 1 evo,and goes to train him,but not kp gain on damage. Here the method: public override int Damage( int amount, Mobile defender ) { int kpgainmin, kpgainmax...
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    Guide to activate old guild system?

    Hello! There is a guide to get the old guild system working? Things i tryed: Guild.cs: //public static bool NewGuildSystem { get { return Core.SE; } } public static bool NewGuildSystem { get { return false; } } GuildStone.cs: //if (Guild.NewGuildSystem) //return; When i place a guild stone...
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    Standalone Discord bot. [Paid]

    Lemke submitted a new resource: Standalone Discord bot. - Get your shard live in your Discord channel. Read more about this resource...
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    Dedicated server question.

    Hello mates!Just asking about dedicated server with next features: Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 @ Cores/Threads 4c/8t 3,4GHz /3,8GHz *32GB DDR3 1333 MHz *Anti-DDoS *250 Mbit/s How much players can be playing here?is this processor good to host servuo server?Thanks in advance!
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    Can we get the old shields with dci plus hci?

    Yo!!!What file i need to mod to get shields can have dci plus hci and not just one of this prop?Thank you!
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    World loading time growing up every restart untill infinite.

    Hello guys!got an issue with world loading times,server got some custom scripts,but all working as intended,when i start playing,the first clean install is going good,but every restart,world loading times are growin,from 1 second,to 2,3,4....and finally server destroyed without load,any tip or...
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    Is possible send a gump to all online players inside an "if" condition?

    Hello guys! Anyone have an example or idea about how to send a gump to all online players? Just need to send but never tryed to do and have no idea about the code,thank you so much!
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    Multiple broadcast instead of 1 when event is active?Thanks in advance!

    Hello guys!have a problem,im interested on add a broadcast when an event start,ill do it right but need like 1 broadcast every 1 minute during 10 minutes,its possible?Here the simple code im using: if (TournyType == TournyType.Standard) World.Broadcast( 38, true, "Standard 1v1...
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    Its possible to get the revamped dungeons like old in latest clients?

    Hello,just tryed to get off the revamped system,under ML expansion and publish 56.1 with latest client,my goal is create a pure ML server,and my unique issue is with these new dungeons,its possible to get them back to old version with the new client? Tryed to set up the shard using a ML client...
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    Its possible to randomize a champ spawn from a list?

    Hello!Im using this code in a working script: public enum CustomChamp { Abyss, Arachnid, ColdBlood, ForestLord, VerminHorde, UnholyTerror, SleepingDragon, Glade, Pestilence } Its possible to turn this code into a...
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    ServUO generating infinite mobs problem.

    Hello! Got a 56.1publish,not customized,set up to ML,when server start all fine,but server go generating mobs every minutes from beeing started untill world load times goes from 20 seconds to 15-30 minutes,here a pic from a new backup with tons of monsters spawned,ive arrived to 2 million...
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    Actual guide to setup old conPvP from RunUo?

    Hello,just looking for that guide,old posts from RunUo are down so,anyone got a copy of this? Im looking to setup the games: CTF,King of the hill,and double domination. Thank you!
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    Repo 56.1 setting up SE expansion loot problem.

    Hello! I set up the expansion to SE in config file,and the world creation and spawn is working correctly,but when killing some monsters still getting gargo loot,SA scrolls and SA reagents,there is other file to prevent that?Thank you!
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    Trphy not showing name when single click!

    Hello guys,using a trophy script on a publish 56,it loads correctly and it working when added,but when the player doing single click the trophy didnt show the owner name and date,here the code of full script: using System; using System.Text; using Server; using Server.Items; namespace...
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    Negative attribute removal deeds

    Lemke submitted a new resource: Negative attribute removal deeds - Negative attribute removal deeds. Read more about this resource...
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    Hello guys,trying to do an shroud to get players walking in water,loading well,but no results,any advice? Here the script: using System; using Server.Network; using Server.Items; using Server.Targeting; namespace Server.Items { public class MarineShroud : HoodedShroudOfShadows {...
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    Can ServUo load old client files?

    Hello guys,just getting error on trying to load a client under the new repo,cant ifnd data files,datapath is correctly setup,here the pic,any advice?Thank you!