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  1. Izex

    Fully Animated UO Gargoyle Wings

    Thank you for posting all of these awesome things here for everyone to use :)
  2. Izex

    Point System & BOD Increase

    I would also like to know how to increase banked BOD points.
  3. Izex

    Paragon UO

    Sorry, I just saw your post! I am not sure why you are crashing at Luna since everyone else seems to be fine there. Are you using or another launcher like razor/steam? You can purchase recall scrolls from any mage vendor in any city for pretty cheap, and yes, the spellbooks on...
  4. Izex

  5. Izex

    Needing help getting this system going: Achievement System (paid)

    You seem to already have tried getting the person you paid to fix this but since you are using such an old repo they said it wasn't worth their time to fix it. I would suggest getting Juzzver to get you a price on fixing the script you bought or Vorspire.
  6. Izex

    UO Classic installation process is aids. Needing help

    Check the downloaded compressed file by right-clicking it and look at the bottom it may say "Security: This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer." make sure you check the "Unblock" box. Other than that I have no idea why you are not able to launch it.
  7. Izex

    What Comes in the ServUO Box?

    You always had to recompile RunUO/ServUO each time it started up but the way it is set up now is that you don't have to recompile if you do not have any script changes/additions. This means if you are restarting the server or it crashes the server will load faster because it isn't compiling the...
  8. Izex


    That would be amazing to have it work with the newer versions of UO. Above you stated that classic UO already allows unlimited facets is there a tutorial anywhere on how to do that?
  9. Izex

    Shard & Assets Ownership Debate

    Giving credit to someone's work is the least you can do. It may even lead to someone liking their work so much that they go and hire that person to do something for them. I for one would love any artist that has worked on Outlands to do work for my shard and I would be able to find them via the...
  10. Izex

    [Quickly, Efficiently, Inexpensively] Looking for work

    I have been using Juzzver for all the major custom systems for my server and he does a great job. He has been taking longer to start the jobs but that's because other people also hire him to do jobs so of course, he is going to do those jobs before he starts a new order.
  11. Izex

    Abandoned or Donated Full Shards

    I actually downloaded the Relpor files (and server w/o any save data) when it wasn't a dead link. Here is the link to it. 1.07 GB folder on MEGA
  12. Izex

    Where to add Dungeon Regions?

    Oh nice, thank you :)
  13. Izex

    Where to add Dungeon Regions?

    Thank you very much! I don't know how I missed that file.
  14. Izex

    Where to add Dungeon Regions?

    I wanted to make it so that players can't teleport into or mark in the custom dungeons I have made and wanted to know what file I needed to look at to add them to the list. I looked at DungeonRegion.cs and didn't find anything useful and SpellHelper.cs points towards DungeonRegion.cs for "Thy...
  15. Izex


    Thanks for the help I ended up having to change it to this for it to work if (m is PlayerMobile pm && !pm.IsPvPMode && IsPvPModeOnly)
  16. Izex

    How to increase followers?

    Here is a deed that will increase max followers by 1 (max of 10).
  17. Izex


    I am getting an error saying that 'Mobile' does not contain a definition for isPvPMode. IsPvPMode is set up in the PlayerMobile.cs if that makes a difference.
  18. Izex


    I wanted to know how I could get this script to check for a custom value (true or false) and only teleport the player if it is true. I added what I thought would work on the lines 22, 57, 162 - 171, 229 - 233, 365, 387 - 391 and it compiles but it lets players teleport if ispvpmode = true or...
  19. Izex

    Paragon UO

    Added a new champion spawn, a new boss named Smaug, bug fixes, added player paragon system, and we hit a 20 player milestone as well!
  20. Izex

    Oz's Static Gump (An in Game Pandora's Box)

    For some reason when I look through the fences category it makes my server crash :( I am using a 4-month-old version of ServUO and client