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    how would I run a server on wdmycloud? and does anyone know if it is even possible?
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    loot rights

    problem on my shard I'm having is when I kill a mob, no one else is able to see loot on that mod when they open the corpse, only the person who killed it, is their a way to change this so all monsters are lootable by everyone?
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    eatable corpses

    used to play on a sphere server that allowed you to cook and eat corpses, and had a hunger system, any idea what I would need to change or is this a large overhaul?
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    cool uo like game

    this game is not uo, but is similar play style, pretty kool, heres a vid of my son playing it.
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    git hub merging

    quik question on git hub, I hav a very customized server set up, can I just create a local clone of master like on git tutorial, sync it with master and then overwrite it with my custom files,. will this work to then keep me merged with future updates?
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    decay rates

    i am trying to set items so nothing decays how would i go about doing this?
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    anyone here have a copy of the marchadium server package? with a spawned world save? would love to play it on my network....... and youd be my best friend forever....
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    boat issues

    quik question, i cant disembark from any boats not even at docks, i think i edited the boat height a while back from a pirate mod i installed, cant remember what i changed though, im guessing it thinks my boats are to low to the ground so its not even with land...what can i edit to fix it...
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    github help

    i have a server with many custom addons, how do i use github to pull an update to merge without losing my custom adds and script mods, its a backup copy so i dont even have github installed anymore, so no old records of previous downloads. i though about doing it by hand using beyond compare...
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    adding custom ores

    which files do i need to edit to add custom ore and make it mineable and craftable into weapons and armour... any help would be appreciated, i can prolly figure the rest out by just looking at the current definitions and adding extra types after that.
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    help with folder permissions

    need basic help with creating folders, when I try to add or copy directories under my home directory it gives the error that my permessions are denied....not sure how to change it so I have read write permissions in the directory tree, tried modifying it under Linux file manager, but gives me...
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    custom ores

    quik question, what files do i need to edit to add custom ore into my shard, and make it minable.... im in the process of doing custom leather so im fairly certain i could figure out how to add custom ore so long as i know all the files that need editing, and just syntax it like the previous...
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    hue and ciloc questions

    im adding new leathers into my server, they have 2 numbers, a hue and a cliloc formatted like this.... 0x1C1 = Hue 1049356 = Cliloc my questions are, how do I find the hue numbers, all ive found on line are in the format of 12334, not the alpha numeric format in my scripts im editing. second...
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    merging scripts

    quik question, is there a way to merge scripts like say playermobile.cs with a newer version i downloaded and only merge the parts that are different from the new one to incorporate into my original one? any help would be appreciated.
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    editing guards

    hi im trying to figure out how to edit the base guards so I can make them non insta kill and non invincible and just post them in town with a spawner... im trying to go through the default guard scripts and rename them place them in customs and modify them, currently im just reading through and...
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    just trying to learn serv uo for a private server creation for my kids and wanting to put primarily high seas stuff on it, limited c# experience but learning.