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  1. Safera


    Sometimes you just gotta rant it out...just don't give up. This really is a wonderful creative outlet! Have fun and keep on buildin'!
  2. Safera's complicated...

    So you're "difficult"? That's ok. I'm probably the least difficult person you'll ever meet. :) I played ArcheAge too. I'd love to use that 3D engine to run a UO-based sandbox world. How awesome would that be?! If only runuo scripts could be made to work with it. *drool* Anywho...developing a...
  3. Safera

    custom map and cartography

    This is something I'll be looking into soon as well. Quick Notes: ~I noticed that even when I change the map gumps, it doesn't change the Cartography maps. ~It appears that Multimap.rle handles this. Here are, possibly, some helpful links: Cartography Editor (should let you edit your...
  4. Safera

    D&D Themed Shards?

    Anyone been working on a D&D style shard that might want to trade? Looking for themed scripting/content, can trade art/deco type stuff. Keyword: Dungeons & Dragons
  5. Safera

    Add a gump

    A'ight. ;) I was afraid you'd say that. Just makes it a much looooonger task. Thanks, again, @Vorspire !
  6. Safera

    Add a gump

    Thanks, @Vorspire. Very cool. Gonna try to do that with a proximity check instead of an interaction. Do you happen to know about adding a drop-down menu to a Gump?
  7. Safera

    Add a gump

    I was just playing around with GumpStudio and XMLspawner yesterday and today so I was curious. I saw the 4 default Gumps that you can call from the spawner so I wondered. :)
  8. Safera

    Add a gump

    @john burns, how did you end up accomplishing this? GUMP name in the book?
  9. Safera

    Drop-down Lists using Gump Studio?

    Anyone know if it's possible to make a drop-down list in a GUMP? (I'm currently trying out GumpStudio.)
  10. Safera

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays everyone!!!! @Milva @Hammerhand @tass23 and everyone else too!! xoxo
  11. Safera

    Hello. I'm Safera and I'm an addict.

    @Norman Lancaster Thanks! I saw that you are fairly "re-newed" as well. Welcome! @Hammerhand See. If i would have been here to stop you. There would have been no hole in the wall. Why...oh why did I leave?! Nooo... @m309 *chuckles* ...he said "again". (he knows me so well) @Milva muwahz! So...
  12. Safera

    Hello. I'm Safera and I'm an addict.

    Hello. I'm Safera and I'm an addict. Seriously cannot help myself. I haven't worked on my shard in a *few* months, but I'm back with full excitement. (Please don't hurt me @Milva or @Hammerhand .) Anyone who wants to jump back onboard the Safera crazy train with me, please PM me or find me on...
  13. Safera

    They're After Me

  14. Safera

    Hi! New member from Sardegna!

    Woah! Although I'm not entirely sure of the size of the island, as you said. It is gorgeous though!
  15. Safera


    I'm up for a banjo video.
  16. Safera

    New ItemID's not working properly

    I just (within the last hour) downloaded and tested the patch with a fresh install of both Servuo and Client and used [add item 39329 and [add item 0x99AF and both work just fine, showing the graphics both on the ground and can be placed in the backpack.
  17. Safera

    A Calculator For UO.... Some Advice Please :)

    No idea, but the gump is very pretty. :)
  18. Safera

    UltimaLive Map Streamer

    Awe. Don't do that.
  19. Safera

    Flying NPC and Mounts

    No way!!!!!!!!
  20. Safera

    Flying NPC and Mounts

    Drool! I may HAVE to make a Pegasus animation now!