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  1. The Real Keith

    Is It Better To Write Optimized Code or Readable Code? What is Good Code?

    I listen to podcasts about code, game design and phycology when I work 12 hour graveyards in a warehouse and I learn tons! In my experience, it's best to write working code haha
  2. The Real Keith

    The Future of

    I would merge the ServUO forums category and the ServUO Emulator categories together into one section to minimize categories as a whole. You have an announcements section as well as a news and updates section. I wouldn't create a bunch of new categories for each third party emulator, but make a...
  3. The Real Keith

    UO Revealed Seeking Creative Minds

    I had planned on writing out this big multi-paragraph categorized wall of text explaining who I am, the history of UO Revealed, why we're at where we're at now and the overall concept of the direction we're moving in. As I got closer to the concept of what UO Revealed plans to be when it's...
  4. The Real Keith

    UltimaLive Lumber Harvesting

    I'm not sure I understand how to use the custom graphic. Do we have to make our own custom art and add it somewhere? I was going to message @Hank but his profile is private or something and I cannot. I've got UltimaLive and the harvesting system all up and working, but when using the custom...
  5. The Real Keith

    Help with making quest doable only once.

    It goes into the quest script
  6. The Real Keith

    Help with making quest doable only once.

    Didn't you already ask this? :P public override bool DoneOnce{ get{ return true; } }
  7. The Real Keith

    HairGrowth with FacialHairGrowth

    I made something just like this lol, It lets you trim your hair with scissors and beard with a bladed item.
  8. The Real Keith

    GD13 - NPC Flying System (2019)

    I haven't used this or anything but i saw your latest update in ServUO discord Resource-Updates channel. Just a thought, but why don't you use a gump to handle some of the height, take off, landing stuff, similar to some of the ship control gumps we've seen here. You could probably even recycle...
  9. The Real Keith

    Want to delete all character, items, guilds...

    Probably relaunching his server. You could delete the saves but note that it deletes objects that have been placed into the map. You could also used xmlfind to Target bulk things and delete them, including players.
  10. The Real Keith

    Pet leveling.

    There is a template in the package to use as an example with notations
  11. The Real Keith

    Lootpack Questions

    Dice rolls vs Random number generators give you better averages. On our server we replaced spell and weapon damage because of this reason. So instead of getting 1 to 10 all the time evenly, you get more 5s and 6s and better minimum and maximums. 5 Dice, 100 times, + 50, on a graph, it looks...
  12. The Real Keith

    Deed's not showing in Bag

    public BagOfFarmStuffBag( int amount ) { DropItem(new FarmChickenFeederAddonDeed(amount)); DropItem(new FarmCowEAddonDeed(amount)); DropItem(new FarmCowSAddonDeed(amount)); DropItem(new FarmFeederAddonDeed(amount)); DropItem(new...
  13. The Real Keith

    Error Server/ScriptComiler.cs

    The error message is pretty telling, but it looks like you're using a compiler that only uses c# 6.0. I'd grab the latest roslyn compiler and try compiling again . Use roslyn csc compiler for C#7
  14. The Real Keith

    Looking for a Quest maker program

    There are a ton of these "quest makers" and xmlSpawner but most of them are broken, outdated or unfinished. I'd recommend updating the quest yourself via the script file. Adding an objective is one line of code. AddObjective(new ObtainObjective(typeof(Board), "Boards", 50)); or you can do...
  15. The Real Keith

    Stepping Stone

    Very cool, I love virtue stuff. Thanks!
  16. The Real Keith

    Mobile Help

    Your fire cannon event throws an error on purpose it looks like. Line 30 private void FireCanon(IDamageable Combatant) { throw new NotImplementedException(); } Additionally, your Combatant remains unused, so when it's called later on line 97, it can't do...
  17. The Real Keith

    Looking for Developer/Scripter to help fix a few things.... Will Pay

    Shoot me a message on discord Keith#1744 or message me on here with what you need help with. If it isn't too complicated, I can take a look.
  18. The Real Keith

    Please help, Im getting weird crash

    System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. This means you're trying to access an index item that doesn't exist. If you have an array such as byte[] array = new byte[4]; You can access it from 0 to 3, not 4.
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  20. The Real Keith

    Moonglow Zoo guard region

    No problem :) I find this method works much better than making it an unguarded region, otherwise people grief the area