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  1. The Real Keith

    UO Revealed Seeking Creative Minds

    I had planned on writing out this big multi-paragraph categorized wall of text explaining who I am, the history of UO Revealed, why we're at where we're at now and the overall concept of the direction we're moving in. As I got closer to the concept of what UO Revealed plans to be when it's...
  2. The Real Keith

    Certain Skills to Ignore Skillcap

    I've been trying to get crafting and misc skills to be ignored by the overall (700) skillcap. I found a guide here describing how to do it, and it does work... sort of. My testers are complaining that skill gain is behaving funny. They said if they lock a skill down and train another skill, that...
  3. The Real Keith

    Simple Tame Command

    The Real Keith submitted a new resource: Simple Tame Command - A target command to tame a creature Read more about this resource...
  4. The Real Keith

    Supply Stones

    The Real Keith submitted a new resource: Supply Stones - The old "Supply Stones" from some of the older RUNUO and SERVUO repos. Read more about this resource...
  5. The Real Keith

    UO Revealed

    About us UO Revealed is a server that lets you relive the classic Renaissance experience but still enjoy some light new features that don't get in the way of that. It's community of players are friendly, which is a much needed change in many of the Shards we've seen. We focus on transparency...
  6. The Real Keith

    Custom Objectives

    I'm working on some new quests that are of a tutorial nature, they require the player to equip a weapon or hit a training dummy. Problem is, we've only got KILL, KILLNAME, etc as quest objectives. I usually get around this by making a fake condition that can never be met and changing the...
  7. The Real Keith


    I'm trying to make a simple tamer quest, where a player would go out, tame a dragon and return to an NPC with it. I'm using the GETONNEARBY method to do this. Here is my structure, it seems as if the GETONTRIGMOB,name is not coming back properly or something...
  8. The Real Keith

    SkillCheck and Repeatables

    I'm not creating quests very traditionally, so this may be hard to explain but I'll give it a shot. Im using GIVE to give the player the quest The quest has 2 objectives, the first is the real objective and the second is a fake objective The fake objective2 is "COLLECTNAMED,CHEATER,1" and it's...
  9. The Real Keith

    AllowNPC Triggering

    @tass23 I'm trying to make 2 NPC's get into an argument and respond to the others text as a keyword and text setup. Vokes is supposed to say something, Sprellic is supposed to respond to what he says. I saw the AllowNPC trigger option in the xmledit gump but it doesn't seem to be working. Am I...
  10. The Real Keith

    EQUIP invalid drop probability

    I'm trying to UNEQUIP all layers from an NPC and EQUIP them with custom armor. I've successfully unequipped them, but when trying to Equip them, I get an invalid drop probability. I've tried adding it (Even though it's an optional variable) and it still generates an error. The error is...
  11. The Real Keith

    Quest Creating with XMLSpawner

    This is a short video I made of some Quest creation with XMLSpawner. Thanks @tass23 for your help and thanks Servuo for all your hard work. We will be relaunching soon and a very long quest line will be ready :)
  12. The Real Keith

    Quest Notifications

    I'm making a quest line as well as side quests and I was wondering if there was a way to tie in the exclamation mark above the NPCs head into XmlQuestNpcs, maybe using conditions? I'd imagine there would be some packet play and a custom attachment, is there an easier way, an existing way already?
  13. The Real Keith

    Are you familiar with the Ultima Series?

    Over at UO Revealed, we're creating a story line that takes place after the original Ultima Series and it's lore. We're looking for someone to advise us in a general direction while we work on these quests. We of course have access to wikis around the internet but we want to include occasional...
  14. The Real Keith

    XMLSpawner mobs are Multiplying when Released

    So we've launched our shard and everyone and the flood gates opened. People started rushing their favorite taming spots and we've been keeping an eye on everything. I've noticed that if I have a spawner that has a limited number of creatures on it (ie, 1 single sheep) and that creature is tamed...
  15. The Real Keith

    Exporting Teleporters

    Wondering if anyone can think of an efficient way of exporting teleporters from one server and importing them into another. I attempted to use xmlfind but cannot save them to a file because they aren't spawners.
  16. The Real Keith

    Quest Gumps

    @Moody and I have been pondering the quests system on our server for a while now. We're running a UO:R server with the CurrentExpansion set to ML for certain compatibility reasons. This hasn't caused any problems so far but when it comes to quests, everything is mixed up. We would like to...
  17. The Real Keith

    Accurate UOR OnHit

    I'm trying to emulate a UO renaissance shard with ServUO. I'm already aware of ServUO's intention to make it as OSI accurate as possible, so I understand that there may be little to no support in this matter but it's worth a shot. I'm having tons of difficulty when it comes to accurately...
  18. The Real Keith

    Pre-AOS & XMLSpawner2

    So I started working on a RunUO server with my buddy @Moody. The concept was simply pre-AoS mechanics with as much high seas content we can get away with. We worked for a while getting everything tweaked and we began working on boats. It just wasn't happening, so we checked out servUO and were...
  19. The Real Keith


    I'm excited to begin using ServUO. I'm setting up a very small isolated server just for the sake of learning, development, and fun! After using RunUO for a while I started to see that newer content was pretty limited and that ServUO has more options available. I'll be asking alot of questions...