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  1. Vorspire

    VNC updated for ServUO pub58

    The files in Vita-Nex that look for Ultima.dll have #defines at the top that can be commented depending on if you use Ultima.dll or not.
  2. Vorspire

    Just stopping by..

    Shit happens. Nice to hear from you again :)
  3. Vorspire

    Pandora's Box (Reopened)

    I'm not actively working on this project, but I may get a chance to revisit it soon.
  4. Vorspire

    few questions from a beginner

    You can ignore this warning, it's a false flag due to a misplaced } in the scope of the file detection. It's actually producing this error when it can't find Verdata.mul, which is a super ancient client file. TL,DR; the warning appearing is a bug in itself, there is no actual issue to warn about.
  5. Vorspire

    Logout Delay not working

    What was the issue? Was it that the delay doesn't apply to staff and that's how it was being tested? Sometimes these things aren't too obvious. If it wasn't that, it'd be great if you share the fix for others with the same issue.
  6. Vorspire

    Shard & Assets Ownership Debate

    Any shard that takes 'donations' and pays taxes on that income is essentially running a business. I don't think a single shard has ever registered as an official non-profit charity or organization. Personally I could care less about EA. But this community didn't come this far by screwing each...
  7. Vorspire

    Achievement System [Paid]

    That's good inference. That should fix the error, but you'll have to make sure "Tracker" is still assigned a new List somewhere so it doesn't crash when it tries to use it :) private static List<TimedAchievementTracker> m_Tracker = new List<TimedAchievementTracker>(); public static...
  8. Vorspire

    Adding Delay to baseexplosionpotion.cs

    You can do this by using a timer delay and the action lock functions, something like this should do the trick; BaseExplosionPotion.cs public override void Drink( Mobile from ) { var locker = typeof( BaseExplosionPotion ); if ( !from.BeginAction(...
  9. Vorspire

    [Quickly, Efficiently, Inexpensively] Looking for work

    So basically you're taking advantage of people who are desperate to feed themselves... I'll just say what everyone is thinking... You're a piece of shit, sir. You don't go around berating someone because you don't like the price, or you're too cheap to pay up. You have zero skills, you have...
  10. Vorspire

    [Quickly, Efficiently, Inexpensively] Looking for work

    This is a field where we can charge quite literally up to and above $100 per hour for our skills. If you approach a developer and they say they can't begin immediately, that is usually a good thing - it means they're sought-after and they're not willing to push aside prior responsibilities to...
  11. Vorspire

    Shard & Assets Ownership Debate

    If you're going to take an opinion dump, you should at least stand by that smell. I didn't try, I made it obvious. It's entirely ethics and opinion. You choose to not bother, I chose to make an effort. That's why you and I are in very different positions. If they can't manage that much then...
  12. Vorspire

    Shard & Assets Ownership Debate

    I didn't really want to jump in to this discussion because for the most part, it is hard to argue any virtue in what this community is doing when it comes to game assets. Code is an absolutely separate issue to the sharing of game assets, so I'm not referring to that aspect of the community when...
  13. Vorspire

    Need help identifying buff icons

    This might help.
  14. Vorspire

    VNC Compile Errors using newest repo

    Replace this code: public static bool RewriteItemID(this WorldItem p, int itemID, bool reset = true) { return Rewrite(p, 7, (short)itemID, reset); } public static bool RewriteItemID(this WorldItemSA p, int itemID, bool reset = true) { return Rewrite(p, 8, (short)itemID, reset)...
  15. Vorspire

    UO WhiteWolf

    I had nothing to do with JustUO beyond advising Dian when he solicited it. Such a shame to see someone I once considered a friend, take this path of self destruction. Good luck.
  16. Vorspire

    Using newer uo client with older uop files...

    The major file format change that causes the most headaches; 7.0.9 expanded TileData by 4 bytes per entry, changing TileFlags from 32 to 64-bit (uint to ulong) Also later, when the format changed from mul to uop, it added multicollection.uop and tileart.uop. These files respectively became the...
  17. Vorspire

    Animals that eat prey animals they kill (RunUO 2.2)

    That's the code they had originally, Utility.cs needs updated for generic support with this change; public static T RandomList<T>( params T[] list ) { return list[RandomImpl.Next(list.Length)]; } That will make it support any given type, not just ints. I don't think you need to have...
  18. Vorspire

    Animals that eat prey animals they kill (RunUO 2.2)

    IMO, for a system like this, you need a grand illusion instead of standard logical mechanics. The predators technically wouldn't be out and about if they're not hunting for food, but that depends on their species. Having a hunger meter would make sense so long as their AI is constantly running...
  19. Vorspire

    Knive's Town Houses

    Vorspire updated Knive's Town Houses with a new update entry: 3.01 Read the rest of this update entry...