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  1. tass23

    Misc Personal Notes and Shortcuts

    Over the years I have gathered notes and shortcuts for various functions on a shard. Most of these are fairly common, and I can't guarantee they do or will continue to work with ServUO repos, but they can help point you in the right direction.
  2. tass23

    Code Calling All Customizers - Part 1: Custom Walls

    Alright, so after scouring around files for a day, I believe I have located the files that needed changing to allow for new custom items to be added to the house customization gump. I'm mainly dealing with doors and walls here, so let's stick with those two. ;) This will NOT work with the new...
  3. tass23

    Misc XmlDialog/XmlEdit, XmlQuestNPC, KILLNAMED Objective, XmlMobFactions

    tass23 created a new tutorial: XmlDialog/XmlEdit, XmlQuestNPC, KILLNAMED Objective, XmlMobFactions
  4. tass23

    Hooray for Vorspire - return of tutorials!

    and a huge thank you too! The data may be old, but so much of it is still very useful! Stop by and take a peak at knowledge from "the Ancients" ;) *Lol* ServUO -> Resources - >Tutorials @Vorspire
  5. tass23

    Looking for a Full-time Permanent Job

    Hang in there, man! Hope you find someplace permanent to stay! If you need a reference, I will happily write one up for you too! (I am still using a lot of your code, especially after Mogster left and you are a good person to work with.) :)
  6. tass23

    RunUO 2.2 - skilllock disabled

    Without seeing the server code, it is hard to guess what someone else set up. If it follows ServUO's directory structure, you probably want to look at Skill.cs in the Server folder. Any changes made there will require you to re-compile the core and not just restart the 'shard to take effect. :)
  7. tass23

    ServUO Pub 54 Repo

    Just getting back on the scene by then. ;) *LOL*
  8. tass23

    [ATTACH] New lighting system using colored lights. Added Mushroom lamps for fun. Over 30 new...

    New lighting system using colored lights. Added Mushroom lamps for fun. Over 30 new hues added too! (Pet Parrots have a total of 40 different hues now, with 19 new hues added!)
  9. tass23

    Unhide Effects

    Geez I loooooove that script! It adds such a magnificent level of RP to any 'shard! +1 Must Have! ;)
  10. tass23

    Shard Gifts: Custom Currency & Player Rewards for time spent online.

    Sorry! Thanks for letting me know! I had that fixed...seems I overwrote my fix while "re-organizing". *sighs* I will upload the correction momentarily. EDIT: Updated the resource with the proper code to drop the right amount when doubleclicked. :)
  11. tass23

    Stat Cap Total + Weapon/Armor

    No idea how that works, but you would think a config file would configure the data shown in all instances. Maybe that is only for running TC...? Not sure, but I know CharacterCreation and Harrower scripts had to be changed too, back in the "forgotten days". *LOL*
  12. tass23

    Spellbook Basket with ACC support.

    This Spellbook Basket was given to me by a friend from a 'shard they no longer had running. My 'shard also has ACC Spells installed, but I could not get the spellbooks to fully work from inside the Spellbook Basket. You could put the book in there, open it and cast from the button, but not from...
  13. tass23

    Stat Cap Total + Weapon/Armor

    One of the ServUO repos changed this....they made a PlayerCaps.cfg file in the root Configs folder. You have to edit it there and likely on Harrower.cs too
  14. tass23

    Looking for Summon Champ Script

    This particular code is part of a whole gump. This just illustrates how to have an NPC take the custom currency for something, in this case to teleport that person to the destination. You can do a whole party. Have a look at the Peerless code ;)
  15. tass23

    Looking for Summon Champ Script

    I do not have a script for this, but Mogster and I used Xmlspawner for our various invasion bosses and such. If you add an OnDoubleClick method to any item, you can have it take whatever "currency" you want though. This is from Lokai's Greek Underworld gump: public override void OnResponse(...
  16. tass23

    Looking for Online Currency Script

    Hi Iomega *waves* I just posted this because of your post *LOL* Should be what you are after. :)
  17. tass23

    Shard Gifts: Custom Currency & Player Rewards for time spent online.

    This was originally posted on RunUO, but I converted it to work on my 'shard. Should work with pretty much any repo. Reward Items: Rolled up scroll bundle. Stackable. Deeds available for larger amounts. Built-in system to award players X amount of Reward Items every hour spent online on the...
  18. tass23

    looking for alittle help im new

    Hi Kray *waves* So there are a lot of paths to take here, but all of them are dependent on the version your 'shard is running and which client version it is using. (doubtful any graphics were added that might affect a custom item system, but it is possible). There are a couple of Evolution...
  19. tass23

    servUO-scripts help

    Hi Mokomoko, What you are asking is a rather tall order. I would suggest downloading the latest ServUO repo from the Source Code link in the menu at the top of the window. That has the code for the server. You will want to edit the file DataPath.cs and point it to your UO install directory (you...