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  1. Titanium X

    Looking for a skilled map designer.

    Be a part of something great! Make UO Great Again! Be all that you can be! Enough of the motivational slogans? I'll cut to the chase. So I’m looking for a highly skilled map designer to work with me to create a custom map as well as someone that can teach me some of the custom map designing...
  2. Titanium X

    CentrED+ Password Update

    So for some odd reason, CentrED+ doesn't like the password I entered and will not allow me to log in. Not sure how this happened, but I was curious if there's a way to modify the password in the config? When I've tried starting the server all over again with a new config, it fails to load...
  3. Titanium X

    How to remove placed unused tiles?

    I've accidentally placed some unused tiles while doing some world building. The tiles can't be removed through traditional methods, and they have no properties. How can they be removed?
  4. Titanium X

    Looking for a job.

    I've been in and out of the community for a very long time, starting with UOX/UOXC/UOX3. My passion usually is with world-building. My first job working on a shard a very long time ago quickly earned me a "lead worldbuilder" position. I enjoy the creativity behind it. I am typically available...
  5. Titanium X

    Looking for consultant.

    So I'm looking at setting up a server for some playing around with some old friends that don't want to pay EA to play anymore. We'd like this to be a T2A era server. I haven't set up a server since UOX3, so it's been quite a long time. I was going to use RunUO, however their community has...
  6. Titanium X

    Share your world building.

    Lord Clay Of Aquinas submitted a new resource: So I started this sort of thread on another forum and would like to bring it here. I started work on a map that has been in the making since 2002/2003. It's been a very on and off process. Recently I dug up the files and decided it was time to...
  7. Titanium X

    Banking system

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, however I haven't been able to find anything so I figured I'd post. I have an idea for an updated banking system. If anything UO has taught us, is that overtime, some things need to change. 1 million dollar checks seem to fill your bank quickly. What...
  8. Titanium X

    I'm new here. Just letting everyone know.

    Hey everybody just signed up to check out the community since runuo is sort of a ghost Town.