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    [ServUO] SetSkills outside Testcenter?

    Hello, So I'd like the function to set skills up to the normal 100.0 cap, and if you eat a 120 scroll, you can set it further. Testcenter comes with undername stats and weird stuff. I tried the simple way by removing everything from TC but it just didnt work. Any ideas, hints?
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    Looking for creative quest creators and scripters(non paid)

    Hi guys! As for now, the project is around 11% finished. I havent financed it yet therefor I am looking for someone/s with a passion for making quests, new fun systems and balanced PvM that aligns with my views and ideas. I am currently alone and with a family/full timejob, ServUO projects...
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    [ServUO] Break (delete) on DoubleClick

    Hi! I tried to search the code for something with c.delete or this.delete but could not find a thing. I tried to look over the consumables, but I wouldnt find anything called delete in the scripts. I am still learning C#, so my questions may seem stupid. Im trying to make an item break after...
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    [ServUO] Changing a cliloc into a name.

    I wonder how to change a cliloc into a name, not using the cliloc at all :) See below, Example 1 using the cliloc, as Example 2 does not. public static BaseDyeInfo[] Table => m_Table; private static readonly BaseDyeInfo[] m_Table = { new BaseDyeInfo(...
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    Looking for like-minded individuals for a fun project !

    Hello! On this forum I will call myself Arcana! In my head I have alot of ideas. But not much skills, slowly learning tho. I am looking for like-minded individuals to help with the creative thinking, bring the creative thoughts to live systems, co-create and co-own this project. So if you are...