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  1. Shinobi

    Food For Thought

    just out of curiosity even tho the curiosity killed the cat is there any way we can bring back the old school music sound track of uo from back in the day just wondering like i said food for thought Ultima Online Soundtrack - found this link and its making me want to add some real old...
  2. Shinobi

    looking for a mapper and a builder

    im looking for a person who is good at maping out custom maps and i need help building if ur intrested please let me know im also looking for a friendly staff if ur intrested
  3. Shinobi


    Im looking for a friendly dev team for a new server that im helping my friend rebuild i need friendly dedicated people were making a old school pvp pvm server mixed with new school anybody who would like to join us feel free to discord me at Shinobi#9107 p.s make sure when u look for me u...
  4. Shinobi

    looking for people to help with my server

    my name is shinobi and I'm running a really cool server but there's one problem I need more team members right now I only have on team member and he needs help and so do I he's on a crazy time zone schedule and I'm very busy but I do get on and work my butt off but like I said there's only 2 of...