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  1. Voxpire

    Updated BuffIcon Enum (List)

    This usually happens if you're using the same install of UO for both the shard data, and playing the game. It's necessary to make a clone of UO, one for the shard to use, one for you to play with.
  2. Voxpire

    Simplify If > 0 in List

    The roslyn style string interpolation was added as a standard feature in .net 4.6 (C# 6) and Publish 57 uses .net 4.7.2
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    Simplify If > 0 in List

    I should add, that if you use Vita-Nex' ExtendedOPL, you can avoid things like crashing the client due to arguments being too long (a creature with every skill > 0 for example). using System.Linq; using VitaNex.Network; using (ExtendedOPL opl = new ExtendedOPL(list)) { opl.Add("Combat...
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    Simplify If > 0 in List

    Reference: using System.Linq; string skills = string.Join("\n", from.Skills.Where(skill => skill.Value > 0).Select(skill => $"{skill.Name}: {skill.Value:F1}")); list.Add(1060660, $"Combat Skills\t\n{skills}"); Which can be adapted for the original request as; using System.Linq; using...
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    IP Issues

    You'll want to use the DNS manager on Wix to do this; An "A" record is the type you need; use "login" for the hostname and your shard's raw public ip for the value.
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    Housing Decay

    Whenever the DecayLevel property is accessed through its getter in code, it computes whether CanDecay is true, if it is false, it will return Ageless and set the LastRefreshed date to UtcNow. You should be able to see this behaviour happening whenever you refresh the [props gump (by closing and...
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    Server Number

    Assuming you mean the IP Address;
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    Compile errors

    Unfortunately you can't use the Enhanced Client as the data for the game, you need the Classic Client game files. You can still log-in and play with the Enhanced client though, but the maps and other files can only be read by ServUO from the Classic install.
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    Compile errors

    Read the crash log carefully, it says the TileData is not found. Configure your data path to point to the correct path for an install of UO classic.
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    All-In-One: Installer, Patcher, Launcher (IPL)

    Voxpire updated All-In-One: Installer, Patcher, Launcher (IPL) with a new update entry: 3.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Launcher All-In-One: Installer, Patcher, Launcher (IPL) - 3.1

    Update to .NET 4.8 Simplify client UI button initialization and handling Simplify StreamBuffer coalesce size detection Fix server DownloadHost stop/start functionality Move remaining local app settings to global settings file for easier access
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    All-In-One: Installer, Patcher, Launcher (IPL)

    Account Upgrades
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    Collision detection in UO

    There is no way to avoid this in the stock client.exe The PersonHeight constant is not necessarily there for it to be configured / changed, it just helps to have a singular value to reference when it is used in multiple places.
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    Doubleclicking to Change Addon

    You can make the two unused tiles change Visible to true/false when needed too.
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    Doubleclicking to Change Addon

    You should be able to do it by checking the ItemID of the component that was used to see if it matches the initial ItemID, then change to the new ItemID. This should work for both opening and closing actions. An example of an item that does something similar would be BaseLight as it switches...
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    All-In-One: Installer, Patcher, Launcher (IPL)

    That's an odd one, I'll look into it asap. Thanks for the report! Sorry I missed this post. What kind of stats would you want to log? It wouldn't be difficult to add, but I'm not sure exactly what would be useful to log.
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    I need help from someone who knows scripts

    You can make creatures fight by giving one of them a non-zero Team value. The one with the non-zero Team value will attempt to fight everything that doesn't have the same Team value. If you want to limit what it sees as a friend or enemy, you can override IsFriend() and IsInemy() in the...
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    All of your settings are done through the various cfg files in the /Config folder, such as Config/DataPath.cfg
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    Only local IP as listening IP

    No, ServUO resolves your public IP is so it can figure out which internal network ip it's linked to, then it listens on that. When players connect, the server list part of the login uses your resolved public ip when the inbound connection is remote. If you have no firewall and port forwarding...
  20. Voxpire

    Only local IP as listening IP

    If people still can't connect, you may have to add an in-bound firewall exception to windows defender for port 2593.