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  1. Michele

    Problem with ced+ and fiddler

    Hi all, I have an issue with ced+ and uo fiddler. I have inserted new grapichs with uofiddler in our multi, and it appear if i add in game (with client) If i try to find those grapichs (items) with centred+ (0.79) they dont appear.. how can I show these new static to ced? Sorry for bad eng.
  2. Michele

    Looking for builder (payed work)

    Hi all, we need a builder how help us to build a city, the main city of our shard. We use a custom map and build with ced+ shared on a server. We can pay for this work. City+world deco We have a lot of time, no hurry, the builder can take his time. Ty all and sorry for bad eng.
  3. Michele

    [Control command to control an npc

    Hy guys, ive this script (attached) for NPC controls by GM. I try to install in servuo, no error, compile, but when i use command gm go into npc, but server crash. Also i have this in crash log: Server.Mobile.get_PropertyList() in C:\Users\JR\Downloads\Olam Server for...
  4. Michele

    Remove items from vendor

    I need to remove items from vendor, for example i want to remove contract from barkeeper, but in barkeeper.cs i cant see it.
  5. Michele

    Last repo?

    Hi guys, sorry for stupid question... I see a lot of repo on forum.. Which is the latest stable repo? Why there is different repo or different repo with different system? Ty all and sorry.
  6. Michele

    Forbid items for some class

    For our rp shard we use a class system (magician, warrior, cleric, etccc) We must prohibit certain objects depending on the class . How can we avoid, for example, that the magician wears a plate or that he can not use certain weapons? (eg plate helm, long sword, etccc) We use this system...
  7. Michele

    Portal of deaths!

    Hy guys, for our rp shard we need a script like this. When a player dies in remote areas of a map, like an island, he has no way to get back to land where there are cities and curators. We need to create a portal (the staff will add one to many points on the map) that can be seen and used...
  8. Michele

    Our skill growth problem

    Hi all, for an rp shard we have made a growth skill system based on class. At moment our scripter have problem and no-time to fix it, so i want ask to you if you have time to look a this (sorry for bad eng). The system should make the skills more or less fast depending on the percentage...
  9. Michele

    Path error

    Hi guys, ive this problem. Server Crash Report =================== ServUO Version 0.5, Build 6571.32868 Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 .NET Framework: 4.0.30319.42000 Time: 27/01/2018 23:19:48 Mobiles: 3481 Items: 12343 Exception...
  10. Michele

    Issue with ced+

    Hy guys, i have do an large operation in that are, in map appear this black rectangle.. In fat in game its all ok but in map (game radar,uo-automap,centred+ map) appear this black rectangle.. Why? There is a way to remove it? ty all. (Sorry for bad eng)
  11. Michele

    How to upgrade servuo version

    hi all its possibile to upgrade a servuo version (to latest) without lose my custom scripts?
  12. Michele

    How to change map rules in custom maps

    Hi all guys, i have a problem with a custom map. It seems that my map has default trammel rules (bare trees, skulls everywhere). How can I set the rules of felucca? Opening up centred + I see the map correctly as it should be. Thank you all.
  13. Michele

    Old runuo like guild system with stone issue

    Hi guys i deactivate the new guild system and do this in misc\guild.cs to activate the old stone system like old runuo. //public static bool NewGuildSystem { get { return Core.SE; } } public static bool NewGuildSystem { get { return false; } } So now in game i have a guildstonedeed, i...
  14. Michele

    How to remove items from crafting gump menu

    Hi guys, i need to remove from crafting gumps some items, like gargoyle items, insurance,etcc.. or single item for example a particular sword under swords menu. How can i do this?
  15. Michele


    Hi all, first sorry for my bad eng, 2nd i hope not to go out topic. In my shard I constantly update the static and the map that are custom, I wanted to ask if anyone knows a way to create an autopatcher. Practically on the remote machine I will have a folder called updates, (statics.mul...
  16. Michele

    Mul.. uop...... i have headache

    Hi guys... i return to cause i hate uop file......... centred+ dont work, no map on the web to download, etcc... So.. i try to install one of this maps but i have issue... i just want only base map, without statics...
  17. Michele

    Problem with statics

    Hi all, sorry for bad english. I have a problem with statics.. I have set in the path of the right folder with map.mul etcc (all file needed by servuo, indicated in the file) I have also put the same file in the uo folder and set the path of uo folder in config. So... When i build (i use uo...
  18. Michele

    Custom sistems for RP shard.

    Hi all and sorry for my bad english. I want to create a system (many scripts) for our RP shard and i want to ask how can i do this and which file i have to modify... So.. 1) Modifiy OSI proprietis of ingots. For example i want some like this: Iron only phisical protec, gold only fire and a...
  19. Michele

    About uop

    Not sure its the correct section.. Ive client 7.0.35 with some uop files. I want to ask how i can edit or change gump file ( paperdollradar,status grapichs) Gump studio cant load this file. Ty all
  20. Michele

    about maps

    Hi all.. I want to buy this mup but the creator dont reply to mails. Someone have a direct contact? Or sell this map for him? Ty all