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  1. Carlos_ar

    Chocolatiering Adventure!

    Carlos_ar submitted a new resource: Chocolatiering Adventure! - Oompa Loompah Doop-a-dee-do! Read more about this resource...
  2. Carlos_ar

    Tarot Cards

    Carlos_ar submitted a new resource: Tarot Cards - All the Tarot Card gump art as items. Read more about this resource...
  3. Carlos_ar

    How does one change a cliloc to text?

    This is an issue I have had for a while and it seems the method is different for different instances. I have seen how to do it in some other cases but I never really know why it works so I can't replicate the change across all the scripts. Right now I am working with Chocolate Nutcracker and...
  4. Carlos_ar

    Creating Custom Recipes

    Sorry if this has been beaten to death, I did a search and nothing is resolved in previous posts, so I am asking here. Here's a question regarding Recipes. So where does ServUO define the recipes? I have it in DefCooking as RecipeName = 5000. It doesnt throw errors, but that seems too...
  5. Carlos_ar

    Doubleclicking to Change Addon

    Greetings All! So I have an odd item I'm working on. I want to make an Addon of a Sarcophagus in the closed position. Once it is placed in a player's house, they can double click it and it will switch to the open position (with skeleton), dclick again and the lid disappears, dclick again and...
  6. Carlos_ar

    What is Vita-Nex?

    Forgive my ignorance. The work on there looks amazing, just wondering how it differs from ServUO? Is it a Shard? I see "Services" listed, just curious what it's about?
  7. Carlos_ar

    Holiday Gift Giving Question

    I am trying to get gifts to drop like OSI. I played with WinterGiftGiver.cs, changing the DateTime but nothing seems to happen. Then I noticed when my server boots up the first line is this: ServUO - [ServUO - Ultima Online Emulation] Version 0.0, Build 0.0 - Build on 1/1/2000 12:00:00 AM UTC...
  8. Carlos_ar

    Working Dungeon Khaldun

    Greetings! Before I go reinventing the wheel, so to speak, is there a working Khaldun system anywhere? I went through and checked the puzzle chests, and lockpicking does not seem to add additional clues. It is scripted to work, but for some reason it isn't functioning. Whether I have )...
  9. Carlos_ar

    Can anyone recommend books or videos that teach fundamentals on C# that would be most useful for this application?

    Like the subject says... there are thousands of books out there and while I don't mind spending months to learn the fundamentals of a practice, I hate to waste time going down a rabbit hole with things I won't need. Thanks in advance!
  10. Carlos_ar

    Custom Point System?

    I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel... in fact I REALLY like the point systems in the game. What I want to do is just make an additional point tracker. I based mine off of the Virtue Artifact System. I added the appropriate lines in PointsSystem.cs, SeasonalEventSystem.cs, etc... basically...
  11. Carlos_ar

    Trying to get Apiculture working... few errors.

    My wife saw the possibility of Bees on our little server and she demanded we add it. I'll admit it does look really cool. Problem is I'm stuck on 2 errors C:\Users\rodri\Desktop\ServUO\ServUO-master\Scripts\Customs\BotanistVendor\Apiculture\BeeHiveHelper.cs(167,6): error CS0246: The type or...
  12. Carlos_ar

    Matches and Match Cords Seem to be missing

    Greetings! So I was playing with things and trying everything out and it seems the Match and Match Cord are missing from the Alchemy crafting menu. They exist in game, I can [add Matches and [add Matchcord, but there is no way to craft them. I checked in DefAlchemy.cs and they are not there...
  13. Carlos_ar

    "I can't reach that."

    Greetings Fellow ServUO-ians, So, we've been seeing this quite a bit. It seems I have to be standing damn near on top of a container to open it. I remember on live, I had a 6x6 storage room, and I could stand in the middle and organize it, with the ability to reach all of the containers. I...
  14. Carlos_ar

    Keeping Deed Colors?

    Hey guys and gals, So Im trying to make the Shadow and Crystal furniture pieces in deed forms. I had done the Crystal ones for Runuo several years back, and noticed that the deed works, but when you chop the addon, the deed doesn't retain its crystal color. So, in revisiting the scripts, I...
  15. Carlos_ar

    Tamed a Greater Dragon... now my feet are killing me!

    So what do you guys do when you tame the GD and you have no more control slots? Is there some trick to it, or is it that cool to have that you don't mind walking everywhere? He's a nasty critter, I'll say that, but wow... So what's the catch?
  16. Carlos_ar

    Greetings and A question...

    Greetings all! The past 6 months my better half and I had been looking for a game like UO to no avail... so we came back... Being more of the soloist types we jumped into the EMU scene, hosting just something small to tinker around with. I played with Sphere back in the day and RunUO back in...