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  1. jayates

    Requiring tokens to operate item.

    I have this item that turns 10 fish into Fish Lard. Only, thing is I want it to "require" 50 tokens to use it. I added a bit of code that excepts the tokens (OnDoubleClick), although if not present in backpack it'll still operate. Can someone please help me fix the code? namespace Server.Items...
  2. jayates

    Ultima Store Button config

    My server doesn't use the Ultima Store (when clicked nothing happens). I tried adding in the scripts, my mine exploded due to all the errors I got... lol. Can the UO Store button actually be configured to open something else? exa:VIPStore (It's the button on the top bar that has these...
  3. jayates

    Setting a Skill Requirement

    I'm trying to set a Blacksmith skill requirement to use this lever once you have the oil. The script compiles just fine, it just doesn't require the skill. Can someone help please? Here's the OnDoubleClick part of my script: public override void OnDoubleClick( Mobile p ) {...
  4. jayates

    FS-ATS Gen2: Pet Poison, Fire Breath, and Roar Attacks

    How do I get the Pet Poison, Fire Breath, and Roar Attacks to work? I applied each attack to 100 on a regular chicken and it only took off 1 point each hit on a dragon. I found the script PetMoves and changed the min and the max damages to something that i'd notice when the chicken did these...
  5. jayates

    Getting double amount of ingots from ores?

    On my server whatever amount of ores you smelt you get double back and then this message: You smelt the ore removing the impurities and put the metal in your backpack. So, by removing "impurities" why would I get double the amount of ingots back? Doesn't seem right to me.:rolleyes: Was wondering...
  6. jayates

    Adding Scroll Of Transcendence to PSKey

    Trying to add the Scroll Of Transcendence to my PSKey. Just figured since the part for the Powerscrolls went like this: (PowerScrollListEntry) and also the part for the Stat Cap Scrolls like this: (StatCapScrollListEntry) that maybe the Scroll Of Transcendence would also be coded similar but...
  7. jayates

    Pet Powerscroll Exchange

    Trying to put together a vendor who'll buy Pet Powerscrolls according to their values (based off the Powerscroll Exchange system). I got a wierd error though. Can someone help me with it? Here's the error: + CUSTOM/CustomCooking/Questgiver/Gordon.cs: CS0161: Line 100...
  8. jayates

    Needing help getting this system going: Achievement System (paid)

    I purchased this sys like a week ago and am having problems getting it to load up. Maybe someone has time to help me get this system going? The problem is i'm using an older ServUO repo (Land Of Archon). I realize that i'll have alot of work ahead of me but it looks to be an awesome system and...
  9. jayates

    ServUO Source Code

    I downloaded a fresh copy of ServUO Source Code today and got this message when I dblclicked Compile.WIN - Release: Press any key to continue . . . C:\Users\jayat\Downloads\ServUO-master (1)\ServUO-master>dotnet build -c Release 'dotnet' is not recognized as an internal or external command...
  10. jayates

    Mount IDs

    Where do I find Mount IDs for the Basemounts such as a Sabertooth Tiger and others?
  11. jayates

    DefCarpentry not pulling certain boards from Wood Storage Key... Stumped!

    DefCarpentry will craft all types of boards from my backpack. It'll only pull a few board types from my Wood Storage Key though. The boards that are on the left side of the storage key it wont pull but, the ones on the right side it will. I've tried rearranging them in different spots (in the...
  12. jayates

    Mobs killed and spawn back in "freely" bug!!!

    I've noticed this happen only on certain monsters (mobs). Mainly the human ones. Here's what happens: after a kill they'll spawn back in very quickly (though they're not on a spawner) white in color and almost dead, right where they died! Exa: Barracoon Once he's dead he'll show back up after...
  13. jayates

    Getting back from -Karma

    If someone has a -Karma from using Necromancy, how do they raise it back to the positive side?
  14. jayates

    Wanting to add 105 Power Scroll to the drop

    I wanna add 105 PSs to the drop of a champion. How would I add that bit of code in? Here's the code area that needs the addition just not sure how to word it: PsCount = ChampionSpawn ? 5 : 2; //set how many ps to give if it spawned using champ spawn or normal spawn for...
  15. jayates

    BobFilterGump resource additions

    I posted a thread in Script Support named: BobFilterGump resource additions and it's been over a week with several views but no response. I'm not complaining (hope I don't come off like that... not my intentions). I've really tried to fix this myself and made a real mess of things plus the big...
  16. jayates

    Wrong ore type when mined with a Gargoyles Pickaxe

    I added in a custom ore and stone Mytheril and Mytheril Rock. When I mine an area for Platinum that's what I get unless, I use a Gargoyles Pickaxe... then I get Mytheril Rock. Can someone tell me where I went wrong? Thank you :) using System; using Server; using Server.Items; using...
  17. jayates

    Pet Comb

    Has anyone ever heard of a Pet Comb? A player on my server says they played on a server once that had one. It's supposed to be some kinda auto pet feeder. That would be awesome! But, I wouldn't even know where to begin scripting something like that.
  18. jayates

    BobFilterGump resource additions

    I've been playing around with the BobFilterGump to add in other resources and i've got it all jumbled up... LOL!!! But, at least it's somewhat futher. Can someone help me with getting this sorted out? Here's the problem in my screenshot and my script as thus far: using System; using...
  19. jayates

    Mule Regenerates HPs to quick.

    Is there a way to set the HP regen rate for the Mule from The Master of Arts? You have to beat it into submission before taming it. Only problem is it's HP regens too quick before you are able to tame it. Just wondering if anyone has been able to solve it. I looked into the script but didn't see...
  20. jayates

    Some please verify that the Master Storage Backpack actually loots.

    I am using a repo from here that's called: ServUO Repack by LoA 2-11-18 REV 2. My Master Storage backpack doesn't loot from corpses. It came included in the repo but, I have downloaded every OWLTR Sys that I can find from ServUO (which is about 3). I paste the whole MasterStorage part everytime...