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  1. Thagoras

    Z for the map

    Yeah, adjusting my maps' X and Y was much easier. That was a easy but tedious client edit and then a few quick server mods. You just sparked my interest.
  2. Thagoras

    Z for the map

    Wait, what? I just never fiddled with z height because CED only allowed decorating between -127 and 128 so I figured the server had similar restrictions hard-coded. You mean, in theory, as long as you used ClassicUO you could throw a multi at z:10000 and have teleporter pads to get to it?
  3. Thagoras

    Players being trap under the map

    Perhaps OSI had a recent patch which is causing issue again. If you keep having issues, Wednesday (when I'm off) perhaps I should download everything fresh to see if I can replicate your issues...just to get a really clear view of what's happening. This kind of troubleshooting is hard online...
  4. Thagoras

    Players being trap under the map

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong...but I thought that the server required specific client versions mostly because of the packets. And this problem sounds like the difference between the client that the server references versus what the players are using. But if you're logging in locally on the...
  5. Thagoras

    Help for CentreD+

    Don't know if you're still working on this or if it got buried and forgotten about. Ever fix this? Open a console window and run the program that way. Then, when the program terminates, the error message(s) stay and you can fix the issue. I'm at work right now so I can't compare my config to...
  6. Thagoras

    Players being trap under the map

    But it freezes after two minutes, even when you don't login? Now trying to eliminate it being a packet/client version issue. Sorry for being unfamiliar with linux....but is there a task manager that you can see how much of the processor each process is using? In the past I've had the server...
  7. Thagoras

    Players being trap under the map

    Can you login? Is this 2 minutes after you login or is this just 2 minutes regardless? So you can login and play for about a minute before it freezes? I'm establishing if it's a ServUO issue or a dotnet issue.
  8. Thagoras

    Players being trap under the map

    Have any customs installed? I can't help thinking this might be timer related. When did this freezing start? How many total minutes have you put into the game (in game time terms)? A full day? I mean, it freezes and then you have to the game doesn't save and the timer restarts...
  9. Thagoras

    Camel created for Ultima Online CC

    Nice! I've always wanted a camel! I have this old Diablo 2 camel that I've never been able to use because it lacked a number animations. It only has idle and walk.
  10. Thagoras

    Tiledata Question

    All I can think is that the height isn't set. Default 0.
  11. Thagoras

    Starting Eqip for Profession Warrior invisible

    Any chance you can post the script? This sounds like it could be a few things but having the script to reference helps narrow it down.
  12. Thagoras

    Server Crash on Windows 10 reinstall

    Thanks, but that was one of the first things I tried.... Okay....something with the redistribution package that comes with Sins of a Solar Empire fixed it. :rolleyes:
  13. Thagoras

    Server Crash on Windows 10 reinstall

    The Backstory: I hate Windows the point that I'm going back to Windows 7 for the live server. Unfortunately, the system I use regularly is's also where I test my server before I make it live. When I got the system, I don't recall having any trouble getting everything to work...
  14. Thagoras

    How to Save in Centered

    Now that you know this...remember to keep backups of the maps you're editing. And backup frequently. I speak from experience. I'd hate for you to go to delete a small area, get your coordinates wrong, and delete a long streak across your map that you then have to re-create....or try your best...
  15. Thagoras

    [Solve Again] Yet Another Custom Map Help Request

    Question: Are you adding a map or replacing one that currently exists? You implied in your opening question (and the snippit of code) that you are adding a map. I'm also gathering that your plan is to use CUO to get around the 6 map limit? (Is CUO capable of that?) As I've said before, I...
  16. Thagoras

    Moving Tool

    I looked....I THINK there's a [move command. I've used it before (my server is temporarily down for computer issues so I can't check). I can't seem to find the origin of the command though. Hmm.... So yeah. Try the GMTool....and see how it works.
  17. Thagoras

    Moving Tool

    I don't have time to really go through it right now...but I think what your looking for is in your OnTarget module. There's an IF that checks if it's a stairs and an Else If that checks if it's an addoncomponent. I'd recommend looking up the Move command (I think that's located in the...
  18. Thagoras

    I ask a lot of questions.

    Though, not so much now-a-days, but in old RunUO days, I'd look for people to help because it was a problem to figure out. When you get your server the way you want it and everything is need a new you end up learning more by helping other people, because everyone...
  19. Thagoras

    Wrong light sources on static item

    So as an addon you get the correct light but using [add you get this one? (sorry to repeat what you're asking but I'm wanting to be crystal clear about understanding it). I thought that was dictated by the tiledata.idx and you had to use UOFiddler to change it.
  20. Thagoras

    Hi. Awesome server software!

    There's a lot to learn....but there are a lot of resources available too. I guess some "how to" guides as well. Quite a few of us have been part of the community for a long time and have tried the many different aspects of hosting your own server (custom maps, mobiles, music, graphics...