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    Getting "Bad Type" Items

    Quasar seems right. Wonder what caused so many missing entries. In my case an (long ago) fixed bug showed up, trigged by the [RebuildCategorization.
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    Getting "Bad Type" Items

    Sorry don't recognize that window.
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    Server crash at save

    You can try to force the savestrategy to be a different one. I recall that i've seen some issue in the past with it but cannot find anymore if and what I did for it. (see Server/Persistence/SaveStrategy.cs e.g. by pushing the condition for which it selects parallelsavestrategy to a much higher...
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    Advanced interior tool

    Looking at the code it seems that addons are handled by the block following: And there rest is all else if, so you need an exception to allow addons to reach the block that handles all the movement etc
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    ServUO on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Exceptions

    I think you can get the installer to work with wine or in a VM (virtual box) running windows 10. You anyway will need a client to be able to play...
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    Water Troughs

    Are you looking for this: (I did not write this and it probably requires tweaks depending on which variant of the code you are at) " Empty Glass Pitchers can only be filled by targeting a Water Trough (Crafted or Deeded version), or another water container or beverage with water. I have...
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    i need help with OWLTR please

    quality got re-typed to ItemQuality at a certain point
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    wish to clear the facet and keep it empty.

    Do a search for "Configure" methods. Those are run when the server starts...
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    Selling random types of items.

    Alternative would be to use GenericBuyInfo which specifies the name such that it just indicates the "scroll of transcendence". And have the default constructor generate a random scroll instead of the alchemy scroll with 0.0 skill. untested, but something like: Add( new GenericBuyInfo("scroll...
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    Stuck on "Login to Shard" step (ServUO, Mono, Docker, Synology NAS)

    Hmm.. far from ideal, my next step would be to add prints into the code to extend the console output to see where the connection flow bails out.
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    RunUO - need help with craft system

    With respect to the carpentry menu, you will have to extend the carpentryMenu.cs to have other categories and the contents for those. Thanks for the link to github.
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    RunUO - need help with craft system

    Hi, The menu code does not have those entries it seems. And the "NewCraftSystem" that you seem to have, bypasses the regular code for the automated carpentry menus in Saw.cs. (code found in shard code from despise/runzh)
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    Stuck on "Login to Shard" step (ServUO, Mono, Docker, Synology NAS)

    EC works fine regular client not. Seems a lot should work in that case. Can you still access the shard with EC after trying the regular client? (or did it crash/get stuck somehow). So its the combination of docker and classic client, the server does work on windows/linux? Seems to become code...
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    Script help

    I would base it on an Item not a container and override the OnDoubleClick to send a gump to the player. Curious how you are going to get the bigger (and turned?) picture.
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    Stuck on "Login to Shard" step (ServUO, Mono, Docker, Synology NAS)

    Sorry, no experience with docker.. But some suggestions... - consider redirecting the output of servuo to file e.g. modify the Makefile (mind the required 'tab' characters) ${CURPATH}/${EXENAME}.sh | tee run.log maybe it helps in seeing where/what happens - can it be that there are...
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    Running Ubuntu 20.04

    No surprise... mostly likely a mix & match is required. The Info/Debugger are support things which I added/modified (or servuo added something similar) SaveData was in servuo but removed after I took this version. Find attached the missing entries.
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    Running Ubuntu 20.04

    which part? uop/mul's: I might have had to fix problems with case sensitivity on file names. console & restarting: - Server/Main.cs runs itself as sub program. The first process is to monitor the other and to arrange the restart in case of a crash. This solves the problem that the original...
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    Running Ubuntu 20.04

    UOPs (shoud/used to) work also in mono. My servuo is (heavily) modified but there were issues with the console interface.
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    Running Ubuntu 20.04

    on the CLI/terminal try 'mono --version'. This should return something like 6.6.0 or better to have framework 4.8. see Mono 6.6.0 Release Notes | Mono if it is version 4.x.x you probable need to get through something like...