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    Eater Caps?

    I have heard that eater stats on UO cap out at 30%. Is this correct and does the same hold true for ServUO? Does anyone know which script the eater caps are set in? IS eater cumulative if one has multiple eater endowed items do they add together? Or does it take the highest eater stat off of...
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    Sacred Quest not working

    Hello, I hope this is the right spot for this question. I have a SERVUO server pretty current release, and the dang Sacred Quest isn't working. I have a shrineofsingularity placed ( I made sure both the shrineofsingularity.cs and the questofsingularity.cs are current to the repo as of...
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    UOKingdom Looking for Players

    UOKINGDOM UOKingdom is up and ready to play! We run a ServUO emulator with the client. Our web site is at port 2593 UOKingdom Website Go to our website and grab our custom Hues.mul file! Make sure you grab our custom hue.mul from our website above to make sure...
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    Working lamps and a few flaming pillars

    Diesel submitted a new resource: Working lamps and a few flaming pillars - Addons of lamps and flaming pillars Read more about this resource...
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    UOKingdom NEW server Needs 4 or 5 playtesters!

    Hello, UOKingodm a new ServUO based UO server is looking for 4 or 5 playtesters. Accounts will be wiped before server releases. However, playtesters will get a host of gifts on the server start. Items TBD. Contact me via ServUO. You will need the current UOnline client. I will also need to...
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    Durability loss on Shields for new 5/02/2020 pub is really high

    Anyone else noticed that durability loss on shields is very high on the new pub? Like a point of durability lost on almost every hit? Ok, so durability loss is pretty quick on everything armor wise. A 57/57 shield hits zero durability in about 4-5 mins fighting a training elemental. Durability...
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    Training Weapons for the New (5/02/2020) ServUO Repo

    Diesel submitted a new resource: Training Weapons for the New (5/02/2020) ServUO Repo - Save folks 30 mins having to make them Read more about this resource...
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    Hi all a real small question!

    I am updating from my old pub 54 ServUO to the current pub ServUO I think its 75 or something. When I compile I am getting a ton of: + Custom/Mounts and Pets/Assorted Mounts/Angelicmare.cs: CS0115: Line 188: 'Angelicmare.HasBreath': no suitable method found to override So I am "//" them...
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    Lady Luck Went nuts with tokens

    So I have the lady luck scripts on my server and it went nuts with a winning ticket. 1Billion tokens instant economy splat.
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    Joeku's Command Toolbar binding a new command

    Anyone know how to bind new commands to Joeku's Command toolbar? Haven't had any luck finding internet resources with instructions.
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    3 Display Cases as Addons

    Diesel submitted a new resource: 3 Display Cases as Addons - 3 Custom Display Case scripts Read more about this resource...
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    Moving Houses?!

    As an Admin one of the most often asked questions is can you make my multiple homes line up to each other. Currently I have to try placing the new house over and over again until I can get them aligned which is difficult since the cursor for the house placement tool doesn't line up to a front...
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    Disable Client Verification?

    Is there a way to disable client verification? So there is a clientverification.cs file. Would setting private static readonly bool m_DetectClientRequirement = true; to false stop the verification and allow older clients to connect and not get kicked?
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    Server Crashes

    So I am running a server and for the last 15 days or so I've been getting this crash. Sometimes its multiple time a day and other times it goes a couple days between crashes. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate a push in the right direction. Server Crash Report ===================...
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    Land of Archon New UO Shard

    Welcome to Land of Archon a new UO shard. Check out our website at www, We are looking for players to share adventures with us. Will consider the right people for staff positions. We are ToL expansions running ServUO with a lot of custom content. Use client Custom...
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    Sean's Rainbow Mounts

    Diesel submitted a new resource: Sean's Rainbow Mounts - Sean's Rainbow Mounts updated for ServUO Pub 54 Read more about this resource...
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    The Palladium

    Diesel submitted a new resource: The Palladium - Large Building for meetings and such Read more about this resource...
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    Poker Game Scripts?

    Looking for a poker game script. My mates and I want to gamble our fortunes of gold on the whim of fate. IF anyone has working scripts or even a script that needs update, or even the name of a poker script that you remember that I can research pls let me know. I did a search in custom releases...
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    Trying to remember

    Did I read that Servuo now requires netframework 4.6 instead of 4.0? Just uploaded current Servuo build to my remote server and when I go to login it immediately disconnects me. Yet it works fine on my computer when I use localhost. I got a crash message saying missing dll zlibwapi64 or...
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    ACC Complete Spell system issue

    CReagent.cs is giving me a problem with the newest ServUO repo I am getting this error. + Customs/Lokai Systems/ACC Systems/Complete Spell System/-=+ 02 Changing/CReag ent.cs: CS0118: Line 11: 'Server.ACC.CSS.CReagent.SpringWater' is a 'property' but i s used like a 'type' CS0118...