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    Help with ServerList.cs

    I was wondering if anyone is feeling nice enough to make this ServerList.cs work on ServUO Pub 57-58. I can pay you for your work. // ================================================================================================== // ServerList.cs //...
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    Can't figure out this error.

    I'm trying to take this old decoration generation command script and use it to generate my own custom decoration .cfg. I get this error on compile and I can't seem to figure it out. Script: using System; using Server; using System.IO; using Server.Commands; using Server.Items; using...
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    Mount change color when mounted.

    I'm trying to make a mount change to a random metal hue when mounted, but I can't seem to find a method for when a player mounts. I have it set in the constructable, but that only applies to when the item is added. I want it to choose a random metal hue every time it's mounted, so it's never...
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    Globally edit XML Spawner?

    I am using the default XML Spawns that come with ServUO. However I want Ilshenar spawns to be boosted. Is there a global command to set the NextSpawn time of all XML spawners on a specific facet? Thanks,
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    How to enable email registration?

    Hey, I was wondering how to enable email registration, so when a player logs in, it asks them to enter a email to secure their account etc. I've tried Email.cfg and Email.cs nothing seems to work, when I login, no email prompt. Thanks,
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    XML Spawn Question

    Does running [xmlload RevampedSpawns add double spawners or does it remove the spawns it replaces? I have three spawn folders on ServUO Pub 57.1 SpawnsOld, Spawns and RevampedSpawns. Thanks,
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    Convert PublicMoongate.cs to string

    Hey everyone, I can't figure out how to convert the PublicMoongate.cs to string. I have a old copy of my RunUO PublicMoongate.cs that was converted to string. I've tried to reverse engineer it all day, no luck. Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, public static...
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    Miracle Grow

    Evanonian submitted a new resource: Miracle Grow - grow plants instantly Read more about this resource...
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    One item per IP CharacterCreation.cs

    Hi, I have this code to give new players special items once per account. private static void AddBackpack(Mobile m) { Container pack = m.Backpack; Container bank = m.BankBox; if (pack == null) { pack = new Backpack...
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    Skills Cap

    Is the default Skills Cap 700 or 720? I noticed that characters are starting with 720 skills cap, but I thought it was 700? Has the default cap changed?
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    Banker Gump

    I can't seem to figure out how to make the BankerGump.cs open when players type "bank" right now the only way to access the BankerGump is if a player left clicks on a banker and chooses "Open Bank Box" from the context menu. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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    Adding items to player bank on creation.

    Hello, I'm trying to add a bank check to players banks on account creation. However, it won't work no matter what I try. I re-compile and get zero errors however, the bank check just doesn't show up, I'm stumped. Here's my code. private static void AddBackpack(Mobile m) {...