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  1. Argonious

    Large Tree House Village

    Great addition and build,Milva right down my alley for elves, Thank You!
  2. Argonious

    Merging hue muls

    this program works really well i merged my hues with regular will post for my builds. Thanks for posting Visam
  3. Argonious

    White City

    replace for now
  4. Argonious

    White City

    You will have to replace your hue file but i am working on merging hue files with basic hue file at this time. You will have to replace your hue file but i am working on merging hue files with basic hue file at this time.
  5. Argonious

    New to ServUO

    If you would like you can give me the starting player numbers, and I can help by setting the script for you. Glad to help a new comer, no offense, just love the game alot. Glad to have you.
  6. Argonious

    item id #s by expansion?

    I have some of the list, as I am a builder, I will try and dig them out.
  7. Argonious

    New to ServUO

    Gotcha you up stats by using [set str amount. [set int amount, [set dex amount. that should help. otherwise you need to fix it in the script.
  8. Argonious

    New to ServUO

    I connected to your shard, with no problem using the latest client, and FYI carrying 10 thousand in gold fatigues you even before getting to bank, might try bank checks. I also could not use the chat system to see if anyone was on. just letting you know, i will come on later,
  9. Argonious

    File Pandora's Box

    It was that I had the files not in a folder I had them in the client, and i think they overwrote the others so i kept them in the folder, and directed pandoras to that it work I am so happy, Builder Happy!!!:)
  10. Argonious

    File Pandora's Box

    got it Thank You SOOOOO Much Your the GREATEST!!!!
  11. Argonious

    File Pandora's Box

    so you put which files in your pandora folder/ yes runing as an adminstrator, trying to understand so you put the uop files in the game folder from here that were uop into muls, and then the muls also in your pandora folder.
  12. Argonious

    File Pandora's Box

    you think its my Pandoras box or im really not sure myself and i made them moveable false started with clean serv uo and newest client, and i placed the converted uop in as well, are you using pandoras or should i re-install pandoras. Edit: here is a pic and i re installed...
  13. Argonious

    File Pandora's Box

    Thank You Milva, I will try this way at least can build with them;) Alrighty, sorry to be a pain, but when i put the walls down i can walk through them, and i changed the deco.xml do i need to save it as a different file then xml as pandora doesnt use them in any folders. I am using the latest...
  14. Argonious

    File Pandora's Box

    I have used the mull patcher to put gothic walls in art file and got new files, what file do i change in Pandoras to have the gothic walls show up to build with or re script? Thank You ahead of time.
  15. Argonious

    Flying Carpets

    Really like these Thanks a Bunch for the file.
  16. Argonious

    Manor House Elf
  17. Argonious

    Manor House Elf

    its a .uoa it goes in the architect 2.7 program you import it just like the sand homes.
  18. Argonious

    Elf City Part 2

    Argonious submitted a new resource: Elf City Part 2 - Elf, City Read more about this resource...
  19. Argonious

    Elf City Part 2 2019-01-29

    This is the part 2 of the Elf City, is player area, and again they will all go together, I will also assemble them at the end. I hope you enjoy them and your players as well to live in!
  20. Argonious

    First post

    Welcome to the Community, and great to hear of another shard that kept UO going.