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    Ultima Online Everlast definitive opening.

    29/09/2022 Client has been updated to remove the gargoyle race buttons. If you have the client and want to remove this button just download and replace this file in your ultima online everlast folder: Updated...
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    Focus skill missing.

    Found it,skillsgump.cs Np about the issue,comes from Orion assistant,thank you so much!
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    PVP Tournament System [Paid]

    Crash when player pass tough the white gate,here a log. This is the problem line: bool ctf = Arena.PendingTeamRumble != null && Arena.PendingTeamRumble.InitialParticipants.Contains(from); This is the crash log: ServUO Version 0.5, Build 8241.28172 Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT...
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    Focus skill missing.

    Hello,where is the file containing the skills gump located? I just missing Focus skill from the gump,no Focus skill in any group,there is a pic:
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    Ultima Online Everlast definitive opening.

    //UPDATE// New Discord server: Join the UOEverlast Discord Server!
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    Angel Wings Animation

    Hello!!! Awesome wings mate! Just an exceptional job. Sure i use this on UO Everlast,thank you so much!!! I used a gump to the paperdoll,this is how it goes:
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    Ultima Online Everlast definitive opening.

    The difference between premium characters and no premium is: No premium random between (1-2),and premium between (1-3 + 1). Also you can drop skillballs everywhere,the difference is not huge. Here are the full bonusses: -Premium bonus when earrings on: *Felucca bonus resources under Trammel...
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    Ultima Online Everlast definitive opening.

    UOEverlast is opening doors these days. (More info soon,just thinking on host location). Shard description: -Expansion: SA downgraded to ML. -No imbuing/No gargoyles. -Player caps: 1 account per IP. 1 house per account. 700 skillcap/ 225 statcap. -Skill training difficoult: Hard. -Fresh start to...
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    Trying to activate a teleporter based on date and hour.

    Hello guys im trying to activate a dungeon entrance by day and hour,ill tryed that: public void Activated() { DayOfWeek wk = DateTime.Today.DayOfWeek; if (wk == DayOfWeek.Saturday && DateTime.Now.Hour == 22) { return true...
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    Way to try locate lag problem?Need help! 30/40 players server.

    Hello guys,first off: Server specs: Repo 56.1 (some custom scripts). Host: Servidor E3-SSD-1-32 - Xeon E3-1245v2 (4c/8th) - 32GB DDR3 1333 MHz - SoftRaid 2x480GB SSD / 250mb real bandwich (download/upload). Operating system: Windows server 2012 standard edition...
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    Alternative to animal lore

    You can take a look in lesser hiryu,this pet requires Bushido.You can add the requeriment in a new ondoubleclick method.
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    Newbie and starting to get ServUO to work (hopefully!!)

    Ok mate,lets go! 1º-Download latest ServUo repo: 2º-Download Ultima online client from and let the client update untill finished: *Classic client: *Enhanced...
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    Tryng to do an extra spawn in Doom,after DF,need help!

    Thank you so much!
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    Tryng to do an extra spawn in Doom,after DF,need help!

    Hello! Im trying to do a new spawn chance based after kill the dark father,and this is the code im using: GauntletSpawner sp1 = CreateSpawner("DarknightCreeper", 491, 456, 473, 432, 417, 426, true, 473, 412, 39, 60); GauntletSpawner sp2 = CreateSpawner("FleshRenderer", 482, 520...
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    Ultima Online Everlast.(ML experience).

    What is UO Everlast?UO Everlast is an Ultima Online server based on Mondain's Legacy era,providing a pure ML experience with some features added like: Miners,lumberjackers,fishers,player versus player,and player versus monster monthly rankings with prices for the first three players on the...
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    Script check if internet connection is ON.

    Hello!Im reading in google about C# and still looking for a internet connection check script,i find this script,and load fine,but dont know how to do the call from another one.Someone have the knowdelegde and help?Thank you. Script: using System ; using System.Runtime ; using...