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    Latest client files?

    Hello, I don't have a PC to install the client, I'm looking for the latest client pack to use with mobileuo but only found old ones, where I can look for the latest?. Thanks in advance.
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    Replace [ per dot

    Hello i want to change [ per a . so i can write .createworld and not [createworld, how can do it?, im learning how to create my own shard and feel the dot more easy access than a [. Thanks in advance. ps: sorry my "engrish"
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    Hello all

    Hi everyone, I am a new member to ServUO. Just wanted to introduce myself, im a old uo player but left it some years ago, now i want my own private server to learn again how to play it, first i go for the runuo files but i see the project is dead then looking in google i found this project...