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    please don't attempt to divide by me, it hurts :p sounds like someone is trying to use a bandage with 0 or less than 0 healing / vet skill. i would need to see your Bandage.cs file to be sure what's going on
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    Creatures that stop attacking off-screen of the player.

    I believe this should work public override bool PlayerRangeSensitive { get { return false; } }
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    No skill-cap in standard server?

    Depends on what you're going for. Overall, PvP likes "builds" ; pve/pvm/crafters tend to prefer everything. A higher cap may be better overall.
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    Mobile Speed Control questions

    You can set CurrentSpeed or use SpeedControl Disable turns the speed control off. But this will force a mobile to walk and actually uses walk animations
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    UOS Mouse Over Props Broken?

    In my experience it be that UOS is kind of broken and/or CUO is honestly just better at loading and displaying that information. CUO is far less picky and more capable of displaying it. What may help with displaying that info on UOS is using the Vitanex properties feature. I don't have the...
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    BaseCreature Serialization Merge

    Well, yeah, if done right you can keep saves 2nd part? I'll take a look I'm uncertain what the second portion is but two things i didn't see last night The case # 30 was created to skip case 29 on purpose, this is part of the removing a property process Also, depending on your existing copy...
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    BaseCreature Serialization Merge

    well this may be more confusing than helpful, but... - if you already had IsSoulBound on your server then merging correctly would prevent deletion of existing items - else, 1 to 1 merge wasn't necessary The reason IsSoulBound = reader.ReadBool(); was changed to just reader.ReadBool(); is...
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    BaseCreature Serialization Merge

    yes, still increase it and create a new case for Deserialize iirc, this was a way to remove information saved without the compiler requiring deletion of existing items. NOTE: don't delete any existing cases in the deserializer, and make sure that case 30 goes to case 29 instead of case 28 as...
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    AXE/Hatchet Show Uses/Uses Remaining

    sorry i just realized i misunderstood what you were trying to do. but i'm glad you figured it out
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    AXE/Hatchet Show Uses/Uses Remaining

    Hmm, so you're using siege rules? That's good to know. I'll do some checking If you haven't already, change this to false
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    AXE/Hatchet Show Uses/Uses Remaining

    Showusesremaining = false
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    Requiring tokens to operate item.

    Your code to check for tokens is commented out and success is solely based on finding the other items in a players pack
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    If Account = or If Player Name =

    using Server.Accounting; Mobile m; m.Account.Username Check soulstone for script ref.
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    Namespace is used like a Type

    I It would but the class name is BirthdayCakeAddon It's a symptom of giving too much "power" via ceo's addon gen. Only in rare instances should the namespace be something besides the default: Server.Addons
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    Namespace is used like a Type

    It's because you have another script with the namespace BirthdayCake Like this
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    Delete item on Gump Response

    What @PyrO is saying is on line 53 when you call BeginMatingTarget1, you need to pass the deed parameter to it. Currently you're only passing "t" the targeted creature to BeginMatingTarget1
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    Item Script Prevent Socket

    I think i misunderstood, do you want to prevent sockets addin on creation, for example, on all armor or just certain items? If just certain ones then i would create a new property and wrap the xmlsocket code in BaseArmor in an if statement Im trying to think of an example cause i know my...
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    Weird Visual Bug

    I always recommend using the newest client version since restriction to certain systems is handled in the server code. Unless you want the old school t2a animations... but newer/current version is going to make your server easier for players to access
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    Item Script Prevent Socket

    You just remove the xmlsocket code from the constructor
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    Weird Visual Bug

    In my experience this is caused by the client files & version not matching for players and the server. Reason you can see it is because yours matches the server