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  1. Voxpire

    Displaying jpg images ingame using a gump

    Gump images are in gump.mul, you may as well edit that if you're going to be supplying images with the client anyway. Convert them to BMP for importing in Fiddler. You can actually "stream" images in gumps, it has been a feature in Vita-Nex as a proof of concept for a while, but it is entirely...
  2. Voxpire

    UOServer setup for LAN

    Try adding an inbound rule to the Windows Firewall to allow connections on port 2593 on the host machine.
  3. Voxpire

    Anyone up for a coding challenge?

    Fortunately this logic already exists to a degree in the house placement code to prevent placing on roads.
  4. Voxpire

    Servuo Version or Patch number?

    If you're running anything other than P58, it's broken and won't properly display any version due to changes in .NET and MONO. You can hover ServUO.exe to find the assembly version, which is usually 0.5.* - but even this doesn't help much. You're likely running P57 or older. If you're running...
  5. Voxpire

    Evolution system

    The Damage method signature uses IDamageable instead of Mobile for the second argument.
  6. Voxpire

    Dry Dock Gump Won't Appear

    It looks like the handling for this was removed in later expansions post-AOS and dry-docking is done through the context menu instead. Unless you enable context menus for your targeted LBR expansion, you'll have to modify the code to re-implement dry-docking the old way. This can be achieved by...
  7. Voxpire

    I made a token for github, changed access from ssh to https, but yet I am still getting an error

    Try performing a fetch operation, then checkout.
  8. Voxpire

    when locking this item down in house I cant access it to turn the animation on and off

    That script is the base class for the item you're working with, it doesn't actually handle lock-down security (ISecurable) and is an abstract class which cannot be constructed directly (like via [Add command) - you'll need to post the script of the item class that inherits WritingtableAnimation.
  9. Voxpire

    Is it safe to delete this folder?

    Yes, you can safely delete the entire Backups directory at any time.
  10. Voxpire

    Vita-Nex errors pub 57

    Did you upgrade the project itself to target .net 4.8? You can cross reference with the latest 57.2 release: the csproj files must be updated as well as ScriptCompiler.cs
  11. Voxpire


    Voxpire updated ServUO with a new update entry: 57.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. Voxpire

    ServUO - 57.2

    Update target framework to .NET 4.8 Adds critical networking optimizations.
  13. Voxpire

    Pandora's Box (Reopened)

    Voxpire updated Pandora's Box (Reopened) with a new update entry: 5.1.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. Voxpire

    Misc Pandora's Box (Reopened) - 5.1.2

    Fix profile selection and management.
  15. Voxpire

    Pandora's Box (Reopened)

    Voxpire updated Pandora's Box (Reopened) with a new update entry: 5.1.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  16. Voxpire

    Misc Pandora's Box (Reopened) - 5.1.1

    Fixes travel agent support for more than 5 maps.
  17. Voxpire

    Misc Pandora's Box (Reopened) - 5.1

    Update to .NET 4.8 Add .editorconfig Update .gitignore Perform housekeeping operations. Extend visible art tile range to max. Removes CPU info from logging. Profiles are now stored locally. Simplify application startup and profile creation flow. Fix issues with splash screen covering startup...
  18. Voxpire

    Pandora's Box (Reopened)

    Voxpire updated Pandora's Box (Reopened) with a new update entry: 5.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  19. Voxpire

    trying to setup my own server via localhost, and getting stuck

    A number of things could cause it to do that, but it's most likely because it can't access the data files in the data path. Make sure your data path is absolutely correct, and taht you are not running the UO client.exe from that location (the data path files cannot be shared with the server -...
  20. Voxpire

    Shard CPU usage is high

    There is quite literally no implementation that references the LootStage.Spawning value, therefore, it is not implemented.