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  1. Sooqa

    MrRiots - Season of the Witch package

    this Mr.Riots who ever he is - such a nice guy :D
  2. Sooqa

    Adding Item Animations

    i like that you made this tutorial. One tip, sometimes screenshots helps more then text ;) and this is EGGxactly what i need, cause im working on new ambient textures, like stumps, rocks, trees, bushes and want to do some of the animations too
  3. Sooqa


  4. Sooqa

    Halloween Brit Bank Topper

    i dont know how i feel about deco on brit bank, but new Halloween textures are awesome
  5. Sooqa

    New Dogs Publish 111

    Amazing dogs
  6. Sooqa

    Custom Maps?

    I think you need to convert them, but @MrRiots is recommended. He can help out
  7. Sooqa

    Smithy Townhouse Addon

    Very nice work
  8. Sooqa

    Server hardware requirements

    Now lets make a small math, what server machine is holding an Outlands. With all their decos specially. Pretty insane
  9. Sooqa

    Is the Ultima Odyssey thread no more?

    The secrets of the game have to be discovered by your own. I remember asking him this question - and that is literally what he said to me :)
  10. Sooqa

    Will pay for help.

    I will try to navigate decent people on your post.
  11. Sooqa

    Ruins and Riches

    i just have a better chair :D
  12. Sooqa

    Ruins and Riches nothing is down - you just need to GOOGLE
  13. Sooqa

    Ruins and Riches

    Yes, if you surf in Google you can find them. Problem is people started to open public servers of RR without any changes. Guess this was a problem he just wiped everything
  14. Sooqa

    anyone want custom music for their shard?

    If you really searching for portafolio, try to drop some examples so people know what kind of work to expect )
  15. Sooqa

    UO CentrED doesnt launch client after connecting to server

    CentrED doesnt have any support anymore. At least as i know, ure not able to connect to servers
  16. Sooqa

    Custom Areas

    welp incase rn u cant install Centred+, just cuz their servers went down. any alts ?