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  1. RedBeard

    Skill gain bonus area

    Overwrite your regions.xml with mine, or add this to yours. Here is the part that needs to get added [@ line 2479] <region type="LunaSkillRegion" priority="50" name="Luna"> <rect x="1011" y="515" width="8" height="19" /> <rect x="960" y="497" width="51" height="7" /> <rect...
  2. RedBeard

    Skill gain bonus area

    Skill Gain Region: Luna Try this, it allows a 25% skill gain increase within the region. These scripts are based on the latest ServUO versions. Remember to backup all your original files before you overwrite. Then simply Drag & Drop. The thumbnail image will show the skill gain area...
  3. RedBeard

    Skill gain bonus area

    Tell me what you are looking to accomplish.
  4. RedBeard

    Poisonous Swamps

    I'm not sure what you want exactly but you could have it also check for specific regions Create the regions, add them to the poison swamp code, and use the code below to add to Regions.xml for both Felucca and Trammel I seperated them below in what I believe is the 3 different swamps: Fens, Bog...
  5. RedBeard

    Not A Bug Orc Scouts missing spawns

    Yes they are scouts but alas... they just hang at camp all the time with the others.
  6. RedBeard

    Fixed Pet slots vs control chance - bug since last update

    My pet cu once it leveled from 3 to 4 slot went right to 108.0 this is wrong. fresh tame is 101.1 at 4 slots it should be closer to 105 required taming. My cu is still gaining points in skill increasing his bard difficulty but increasingly becoming harder to control at 110.0 taming, I have...
  7. RedBeard

    Fixed Shame Bosses

    Quartz - Flame - Wind Elementals of Shame, neither the Bosses that are spawned with shame crystals nor the Flame and Wind Elementals that spawn normally attack players. This was tested on Heritage Shard. Also the Wind Elemental spawner intended for level 5, actually spawns the mobiles on level...
  8. RedBeard

    Fixed Bushido and Momentum Strike

    My player ends up as the momentum target, I'm guessing if no other valid target is in range. ...ouch me hurt bad:o
  9. RedBeard

    Duplicate Missing Mobiles

    This is old content, these types of bugs are what I was referring to when everyone was in a hurry for cannon balls.... ;)
  10. RedBeard

    Fixed Missing Sphynx It may work like the Ankh Necklace, as it doesn't give visible buffs either.
  11. RedBeard

    Working on expansion of the Thieves Guild-adding quests,items,a fence. Also skill oriented ways...

    Working on expansion of the Thieves Guild-adding quests,items,a fence. Also skill oriented ways of entry and traversing dungeons (as group?)
  12. RedBeard

    Duplicate Missing Mobiles

    References: ====Mobile====
  13. RedBeard

    Fixed Arms for Hire

    They may occur naturally in Trinsic near Paladin area, not certain; not familiar with that type of NPC anywhere else though. Paladin Isle Paladin’s Library (96.35’S 47.44’E : 2002, 2723) Trinsic Training Hall (98.42’S 48.52’E : 2018, 2747)
  14. RedBeard

    Fixed Town "stealables"

    Skill Based for LOS + range[tiles] as Stealing is based for weight 70 skill = 7 stones so therefor 3 tiles... a pickpocket would need 100 skill min. for random steal. Just a thought.
  15. RedBeard

    Fixed Wildfire - Is it accurate?

    Better description from Stratics: Wildfire – Haelyn Mana Cost: 50 Minimum Skill Needed: 66 Casting Delay: 2.5 Damage: 10 + (Skill Level Real / 240) (+1 per Focus level) (Max before SDI: 15). Increased by SDI. -For 2 Enemies: Damage = Damage/2 (Max before SDI: 10) -For 3+ Enemies: Damage =...
  16. RedBeard

    Fixed Wildfire - Is it accurate?

    Look here: Duration 1 - 5 seconds. (Spellweaving Skill x 10) / 240, minimum 1. Area of Effect 5 - 11 tile radius from target tile. Arcane Focus Bonus +1 tile radius, +1 damage, and +1 second duration per additional arcanist WildFire.cs public void...
  17. RedBeard

    How to upgrade servuo version

    It's very good idea to setup Git. I prefer SourceTree and BitBucket, I keep a notepad with details about changes as well as commits. Best to make a Branch and keep an untouched Master.
  18. RedBeard

    Skill gain bonus area

    I made one based on skill-chance-> here is method using older Svn scripts <Sept. 2014> if anyone interested. SkillCheck.cs (Showing both region methods) public static bool CheckSkill(Mobile from, Skill skill, object amObj, double chance) { if (from.Skills.Cap == 0)...
  19. RedBeard

    Halloween Event

    Try this: place // as shown below to 'comment out' the lines referring to SkillCheck SpellHelper.AddStatCurse(this, m, StatType.Str); //SpellHelper.DisableSkillCheck = true; SpellHelper.AddStatCurse(this, m, StatType.Dex)...
  20. RedBeard

    Above the ground and walking around...

    Above the ground and walking around...