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    Hello and welcome!
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    CentrED+ not showing certain blocks of tiles

    Thank you both! It was a combination of the two. I had to delete the IDs from the VirtualTiles.xml, and then delete the cache folders. Thanks again, you saved me a lot of work and time.
  3. Archaaz

    CentrED+ not showing certain blocks of tiles

    I recently added some new art to my client by replacing existing tiles, but when I attempted to use CentrED+ to edit the map, muh of the new art does not reigister. I should have checked the slots first to see if they registered, prior to adding the art to those slots. The blocks in question...
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    Hello All!

    Greetings and welcome!
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    Let's try

    Welcome! Can't wait to see the results!
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    Hello Britanian's of Sosaria

    Welcome back!
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    CentrED+ 7.8 and 7.9 not working with newest client

    That was it! Thank you so much! I did not have the correct format at all. For one thing, I was not aware that the newer version can read UOP files, so I had converted them to mul. For another I did not have the prefix entered. And finally, I did not know about 0x18. In short, I was doing...
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    CentrED+ 7.8 and 7.9 not working with newest client

    Greetings everyone and Happy New Year! I recently tried to help someone convert the Malas map UOP file from the newest client to mul and edit it using CentrED+ 7.8 and 7.9. I converted map3LegacyMUL.uop to map3.mul using UOFiddler, changed it to map0.mul. I also changed staidx3.mul to...
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    Old UO player verifying

    Hail and welcome!
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    Makin my own UO as well

    Greetings and welcome!
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    Editing Art

    PaintShop pro 5 has a feature that allows you to manually set the degrees of the rotation. Under "Image: select "Rotate." There is an option for "Free" that allows you to choose how much you want to rotate it, and in what direction (left or right).
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    Editing Art

    You are most welcome.
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    Editing Art

    I use Paint Shop Pro 5:
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    New but old

    Welcome, Andy!
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    Hello I am here

    Welcome, B0b!
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    Hail and well met! Welcome to ServUO!
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    No Bot

    Hello and welcome!
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    old player, new to servuo :-)

    Welcome to ServUO!
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    Old time new timer

    Greetings and welcome back!
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    Finally Saying Hello

    Greetings and welcome!