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    Moongate System

    Very well done @Thagoras !!
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    Shard cooperative looking for UO fanatics to join our family!

    If you love Ultima Online and enjoy creating unique and exciting experiences for players we'd love the opportunity to talk with you.. We have a strong, multi-faceted and talented family of team members and we are seeking to add more to the team before our pending go-live. Event moderators...
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    Looking for work (Artist)

    Thanks for that @HellRazor ... I mean just his samples above are amazing. Nice to have good people in the community.
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    Looking for work (Artist)

    You do incredible work @RedRooster absolutely mind blowing. If you're still open to projects please PM me or hit me up on Discord @ Chernabog#6404 Thanks!
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    Seeking ServUO Coder with knowledge of PHP for a commissioned project.

    Hey there! We're looking for a person familiar with ServUO code and PHP to work on a custom project for us. Please reach out if interested. Can be reached here or at Chernabog#6404 on Discord. Thanks!
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    Pandora's Box (Reopened)

    Thanks for keeping Pandora alive @Voxpire - much appreciated!
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    We're expanding our team! Do what you enjoy...

    We are expanding our team, seeking fresh new pixelated faces and out of the box thinking as we continue to define a progressive image of everyone's cult classic (at least if you're here, it must be a favorite) Ultima Online as well as our other game servers and proprietary games. Whether you...
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    Serpent Pillar (esque) keyword teleporters..insight question

    I am trying my best to find the serpent pillar so that I can review it's teleporter. I did a keyword enabled teleporter, for something else i am doing with sailing and it works.... it just left the boat behind lol... is there something special that needs to be done to ensure the boat travels...
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    Yes happy everything is back...this is an invaluable asset to the community and a great oasis for good people.
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    TitanX Games: Many positions open for both UO and general gamers

    TitanX Games is seeking a wide array of additional team members to join our family for both our Ultima Online server and our legacy gaming. Please feel free to visit us at and join in our community Discord to chat further. Some available positions are listed via the...
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    Ultima Genesis Accepting Players for Alpha Testing

    Yes it is PVP and you will need to utilize our Client. You can visit the site for more information.
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    TitanX Games is seeking passionate gamers for multiple openings

    If you are passionate about gaming, as much as you are about Ultima Online, we would welcome the opportunity to see if we'd be a good match for one another. We are currently seeking dedicated, reliable and motivated individuals to expand our current talent pool in: Storyboard development and...
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    Ultima Genesis Accepting Players for Alpha Testing

    If players are looking for a world where their feedback impacts the development and growth of the gaming environment, we welcome you to take part in our alpha testing phase. Please visit for more information. Happy Adventures!
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    TitanX Games is seeking experienced UO players for Alpha testing

    Thank you Ravenwolfe, I truly appreciate that. It C
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    TitanX Games is seeking experienced UO players for Alpha testing

    Hello! We are currently seeking gamers with a knowledge of UO (which I believe you already have if you are here) to begin the Alpha testing phase of our forthcoming Ultima project. Real UO knowledge is preferred but not necessary to be included in this alpha. If interested in exploring our...
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    Greatness is not measured by what you achieve, as much as it is by what you give.

    Greatness is not measured by what you achieve, as much as it is by what you give.
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    Centred - new tiledata issue

    Hi m309 - thank you for your reply. Yes it is, I can upload what that looks like if it is helpful? One thing I remember reading, as the documentation for Cent seems to be spread wide and far, is that someone mentioned hidden files needing to be deleted. I have no idea how valid or important...
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    Centred - new tiledata issue

    Hi M309 and @Hank -- We are having one hell of a time with Centred/Centred+ ... I have followed everything I can find on it, gone through the installations and nothing. I am wondering if I could get some assistance with trying to get this program working for our builders and if I cannot get out...
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    Seeking brilliant, passionate programmers and world development

    I am seeking additional programmers (coders) and world development individuals to join our team of dynamic developers. Interested parties must be able to provide commitment to a reasonable availability expectation. Our team is fun loving, but extremely focused and goal driven. There are perks...
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    WorldBuild, Graphics and Assistant Coders Wanted

    Hello, we are looking for additional world build, deco, graphics and assistant coders for our gaming community. If interested please send email to [email protected] Serious inquiries only, please. We will not do back and forth emails - we are looking strictly for individuals passionate...