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  1. Custom UO-R Server

    We will be launching today! Come experience something new! :) Make sure to join Discord :)
  2. Custom UO-R Server [Unchained] + Renaissance Era + Reworked Felucca Map (Shrunken, tweaked, new POI, new dungeons etc..) + Engaging PVM (Over 100 new new challenging creatures and bosses. New dungeons, PVM instances, etc..) + VvV, Dueling, tournaments and Paladin (Not the skill) feature for...
  3. Looking for partners

    Sent a DM to both of you with the discord link :)
  4. Looking for partners

    I got a pretty big/finished classic (UOR) server with a custom map/features done and basically ready to be tested/released but unfortunately, I do not have the time to moderate it all alone. If you have the ability to either staff/code/worldbuild/etc.. and are interested in being part of this...
  5. Weird Visual Bug

    Which client version would you recommend for UOR? Been trying many..
  6. Weird Visual Bug

    I am encountering a pretty weird issue. Players are completely losing their paperdoll/mount visual effects We can see them fully equiped and riding a mount, but themselves, can not. So to them, they appear naked and dismounted. When they die, it seems to get fixed until the issue happens again...
  7. Unchained (UOR)

    Ultima Online UNCHAINED Launching May 27th. Currently in Beta ERA : Custom UOR MAP : Heavily Customized Felucca Join the discord! Join the UO : Unchained Discord Server! View the Wiki: Wiki | UO : Unchained
  8. Strange Console Issue (Pretty critical)

    Is there any way to see which file could corrupt a saving file without taking custom stuff one by one?
  9. Strange Console Issue (Pretty critical)

    I am uncertain what happened, but whenever I try to load my server, it gets stuck on certain lines and freezes. Never had this issue and Im uncertain what causes it. Whenever I delete the whole save folder and open a blank server (with the same custom stuff), it lets me create an admin account...
  10. Creature MinMax DMG

    Adding this to every single creature sounds pretty awful tho :P
  11. Creature MinMax DMG

    Not really sure what I am missing there, it looks pretty simple but monsters like balron are still doing 50+ damage on naked players. Im guessing damage is generated somewhere else ? (Baseweapons maybe?) thanks for your highlightment :) public virtual void AlterMeleeDamageTo(Mobile to, ref...
  12. Question about UOP

    What is this and where is it from? Im aware and from ive read you seem like a nice person from this community but a 1.5mg .exe can look shady :P
  13. Question about UOP

    Now I am getting Anyone knows which file could be causing this error?
  14. Question about UOP

    Does anyone knows which was the version of UO before they implemented the .UOP files? Playing around custom files and everytime I try to launch with steam or razor (works fine with CUO) I get this error So I am guessing I need to get version of UO before UOP.. Help! Thank you :)
  15. Looking for staff / Beta testers!

    Hello! I posted in the past about a UOR project.. Sadly, Covid took over and I had to delay it for quite some time. I am now able to share it with you once again! We are currently beta testing for a bit in order to have a fluid launch. If you would like to join now, explore the new map or enjoy...
  16. IP Issues

    Thanks guys ill try to work it out with the info provided :) If you guys have anymore infos about this let me know! Im a total newb at networking so the more the better!
  17. IP Issues

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could teach me how to set up an IP with letters instead of numbers? IE uoserver.login.etc.. 2593 Ive done it like.. years ago and I completely forgot how :( Im using Wix, Godaddy & NFOServers thank you!
  18. Custom House Issue

    Seemed pretty logic but it didnt work :( Could it be within the game files ie roof.txt Thought, my servUO loaded as if nothing was changed in the codes (usually loads a bit slower).. Do I need to recompile or something since its a server file?
  19. Custom House Issue

    Whenever I try to build houses, some tiles are simply missing. I believe its because I am using the UOR Expansion? Which file should I tweak to get all the expansions tiles? thank you!
  20. Completely Customizable Vendor Issues

    Just find its constructable and set it to visible = false I guess.