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  1. Error with GenTeleporter

    This I cannot say, it is my first time programming and coding ServUO.. or any UO.. but I have to admit it is not always easy using T2A expansion! I'm on teleporter scripting as well. I'll end modifying one to make my own I'm sure!
  2. Error with GenTeleporter

    it seems that the compiler can't find the CommandEventArgs type.. it's usually a reference missing somewhere in the file.. it's part of Server.Commands .. is it in reference in your file !?
  3. Haanzen Show art gump

    we don't have one yet.. the one active at the time was the one coming in ServUO-pub57. I had to deactivate it to add the command or any other command, otherwise it was always in conflicts with chat logger streams.. even an empty command triggers exceptions.. I'll have to load a new chat...
  4. Haanzen Show art gump

    is the chat system active? Because it needs to be to get the exceptions..
  5. Haanzen Show art gump

    ok maybe I need to update something because using Initialize() or Configure() I end with a bug with the chat logger. When I use the original file I get exceptions at startup, when I use the one I changed, I get exceptions when I login-logout and re-login.. Thanks!
  6. If player last login was more than 30 days, delete

    usually you know that once you figured out what "doing something out of it" is.. if is just sending an email, you can do an automated system on event a bit like the auto save or auto restart. If it's multiple choices, a command with notifications is what you need.. Think about it!
  7. If player last login was more than 30 days, delete

    First step will be to establish how you want to know? Using a command? A gump? An automatic routine? at starup/periodically? Console command?
  8. Showart gump on Pub57

    FIXED.. thanks to ?????? on Discord..
  9. Showart gump on Pub57

    Hi! We found a very nice command, Showart, on this forum and I have a little situation with it.. (Haanzen Show art gump) I get these 4 exceptions when running ServUO. I wasn't getting these before and just adding the file in the folder is creating the exceptions. I can't seem to figure out...
  10. Haanzen Show art gump

    Howdy! My partner in crime found your script. Looking at it I already love it! Did you try it with pub57 already? I'm not a pro with ServUO yet, so I prefer asking than having 5 small bugs to fix.. and only 12 left next Monday! :) -Thanks -Korasek *** UPDATE *** I got an error, conflicting...
  11. World Builder(s)

    Are you on the Discord? If yes, contact me there.. we should at least have a chat.. thanks!