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  1. AsYlum

    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    Installer is dead as servers hosting files are no longer available. Use packed version and update your registry: Maps - CentrED+ Upload
  2. AsYlum

    Adding custom wearables

    Just use generate default file option in massimport it will create an example file that you can modify. For gumps it'd be something like this. Where each <gump> element describes one file you need to import. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <MassImport> <gump index="51000"...
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    CentrED+ not showing certain blocks of tiles

    Find ced profile folder in your users\<username>\appdata subdirectories and delete cache files then start ced client it should re-read muls again and create new cache.
  4. AsYlum

    UOFiddler needed features in options Right now I don't have much time so background color is still local setting that is not saved in UOFiddler's options but with these new options you should be able to set what you need.
  5. AsYlum

    UOFiddler needed features in options

    What are you trying to achieve here? Are you experimenting with texture generation? With minimal modifications you can export all assets as set of bitmaps using UOStudio's texture atlas generator: UOStudio/src/UOStudio.Tools.TextureAtlasGenerator at develop · deccer/UOStudio . If this is...
  6. AsYlum

    uo fiddler

    Please use latest version first. Then I don't understand what server has to do with fiddler, are you using same files for client+server+fiddler at the same time?
  7. AsYlum

    CentrED+ 7.8 and 7.9 not working with newest client

    It works just fine with latest client files. What's the problem and what are your settings? Use uop map and flag (format) 0x18 and you are good to go. If you want to edit map 1,2,3,4 or 5 just change prefix from 0 to number of your map. Also remember to put valid sizes in blocks in width/height...
  8. AsYlum

    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    Just use .uop.
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    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <CEDConfig Version="6"> <Language>..\Language\English.ini</Language> <Port>2597</Port> <Map> <Map>map0LegacyMUL.uop</Map> <StaIdx>staidx0.mul</StaIdx> <Statics>statics0.mul</Statics> <Width>896</Width> <Height>512</Height> <Prefix>0</Prefix>...
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    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    Try format 0xC or 0x18. I don't remember which flag was the right one :)
  11. AsYlum

    UO Fidder & Art.mul problem

    For clarity can you please tell me which version of AoS it is and which version of UOFiddler are you using? Is it modified client? Original AoS art.mul are around 47-67 MB depending on patch.
  12. AsYlum


    I may have been wrong ;) I use ced and ced+ very rarely but you can define set of tiles in those xml files. Other thing is that ced reads the client files and after reading it caches them. So to clarify the sets or groups of tiles like whole structures, multis, ships etc. are in those xml. And...
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    Update TilesGroup.xml because ced+ uses xml files that have all entries added there.
  14. AsYlum

    UOFiddler 4.9.12 (for animation creators)

    Why not submit a PR with fixes to our git repository? :)
  15. AsYlum

    Z for the map

    It's a bit more complicated. You'll need to modify CUO to support bigger Z, update uo net protocol packets and then update server scripts + packet handlers. After that you'll also have to update some tooling to support this :) If you choose reasonable values then it's doable. Same goes for map...
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    Here is a copy of setup page from centred+ site
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    Clients after version 7.0.24 uses uop so there are no mapX.mul files. Try this for map0 just adjust paths. You should have separate copy of map/static files for ced server and separate for client. Trying to read and edit same files in ced will fail. I keep my cedserver files in ced directory...
  18. AsYlum

    Removed Unused

    If you mean this graphic then yes but what do you plan to achieve? Removing those will have very small effect on overall file art size as uo files are constructed in a way that when you have same graphic multiple times in a file then all items point to one place so it's saved only once in...
  19. AsYlum

    VMulPatcher v0.2 alpha
  20. AsYlum

    uo fiddler

    Which version of UOFiddler are you trying to run? What's under Details? If it's not latest then try Release UOFiddler version 4.9.12 · polserver/UOFiddler and let me know is the error still there.