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  1. Fireball

    Favorite Mount Hues

    It depends on the mount really but on the charger of the fallen which I use for Grim Reaper's mount at Halloween, I use 1910 The same mount also looks very hairy with 1954 which I quite like
  2. Fireball

    PlayerMobile help

    Restore from a backup in the Backups\Automatic folder before you started testing that. Hopefully it won't happen again but it generally happens when the deserialise fails for some reason. In this case it wants to delete the player mobile that threw the error.
  3. Fireball

    Monster and Item Auras!

    This looks great! I've been using Peoharen's aura system but this looks like a really good improvement. Thanks
  4. Fireball

    Taming Dust

    Very nice. Thank you. You will probably also want to exclude BaseEscortable, BaseVendor, BaseChampion, TownGuard (the ones that walk around are a BaseCreature so can be tamed) and also any custom mobs that you may have made which would be over-powered. Some undead are also missing from the...
  5. Fireball

    Stealable Shop Signs

    Oh yes of course. I'd forgotten about the STEALABLE switch. Cheers
  6. Fireball

    Stupid question about houses download has started flagging as malware this morning. Just a heads up. It's been in my download folder since December
  7. Fireball

    Stealable Shop Signs

    How does that work then? Surely they will just decay? And if you lock them down they won't be stealable, no?
  8. Fireball

    Killable RP Guards

    You could modify town guards to ignore BaseRanger and have them simply say something like "I shall not attack another guard!"
  9. Fireball

    How to use the Condition line in XmlQuestNPC

    OK I figured it out. You only use the curly braces for replacement macros. In the Condition field you leave them out. Also for some reason you cannot use >= (greater than or equal) that doesn't work, so you must use =100 or >99.99 You can see also an example of using the macro in the text...
  10. Fireball

    How to use the Condition line in XmlQuestNPC

    Hi I'm having trouble with this! I've used these NPCs for many quests but never needed to use the Condition field before. I've read through the tutorials and tried the curly braces in different positions with no change. I'm trying to get the NPC to respond to players who have base cooking...
  11. Fireball

    Vampire Bat

    Very nice!
  12. Fireball

    Code How to create deed-placeable custom houses

    Tools you will need... Pandora's Box UO Architect UO Fiddler Mulpatcher or I think there is a MUL exporter plug-in for UO Fiddler but I have not tried that. Create a building using manual placement of static objects in GreenAcres and also the very useful tool Pandora's Box. Save the building...
  13. Fireball

    How to reset a quest?

    do [XmlFind SummoningAltar and click Search There should only be the one in Doom dungeon, Malas. It doesn't matter what the item is that you use, as long as it is named in the script modification. You could use a FishSteak if you wanted. The mod I made to the script resets the quest if that...
  14. Fireball

    Cellar Addon

    I'm afraid I don't know why that might be. It works fine on my shard for everyone. Although I think we had a problem with some added floor tiles. Someone placed different tiles down on their floor (crafted paving slabs or something like that) and they were not visible until we increased the z of...
  15. Fireball

    How to reset a quest?

    Do you have a SummoningAltar somewhere else in the game? Until I got rid of my extra one, my quest kept hanging up.
  16. Fireball

    How to reset a quest?

    You should normally be able to cancel a quest from the quest gump. Have you got one which is stuck?
  17. Fireball

    Zombiex, Unleash the Zombie Apocalypse

    That I don't know but if not they should only require minor tweaking
  18. Fireball

    Zombiex, Unleash the Zombie Apocalypse

    I have copies of what are called RunUO 2.6 and 2.7 and2.6. at least, was I think put together by Voxpire who is one of the Gods here at ServUO. Even the Head God :-) I do think, though, that if you are starting out on a project, you would be much better off starting with ServUO. If you don't...
  19. Fireball

    HousePlacementTool with uses

    I'm not sure if there are many professional programmers in here although I am one myself, but not for UO stuff I'm afraid :) There are people in here who are very talented and knowledgeable and who wrote a lot of these scripts. The problem is that they are busy with real life like the rest of us...
  20. Fireball

    Getting double amount of ingots from ores?

    Need a use for the beetles ;-)