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  1. How do you target things?

    Yep that is what I needed. from.Location, from.Map Thanks :)
  2. How do you target things?

    Sorry I've gotten a little further but still can't figure out what I need to do next. By the way I'm working from here .... \Scripts\Items\Consumables\CookableFood.cs Which starts like... public abstract class CookableFood : Item, IQuality, ICommodity The Item class is someing you might take...
  3. How do you target things?

    I think I start here? public override void OnDoubleClick(Mobile from) { } I've gotten that to produce things. But I would like to target something first. Basically I'm targeting some raw food and want to use it on a fire. Or maybe I need have my character near a fire? Given up on adding to...
  4. help with Cooking Expansion Set

    Ok after clearing those 13 errors I got a bunch more. Giving up on this. Doubt I would ever get this to work right.
  5. XmlData and XmlSkill and current ServUO version

    I have the same problem, how did you fix it? Anyone?
  6. help with Cooking Expansion Set

    Well I commented out - ServUO-master\Scripts\VendorInfo\SBGardener.cs Took their list of items and added it over here ServUO-master\Scripts\Custom\Cooking Expansion Set\Mobiles\SBinfo\SBGardener.cs That got rid of the ambiguous or ambiguity errors. Next up I'm getting naming errors with...
  7. help with Cooking Expansion Set

    Yea, I found two of these... 1. ServUO-master\Scripts\VendorInfo\SBGardener.cs 2. ServUO-master\Scripts\Custom\Cooking Expansion Set\Mobiles\SBinfo\SBGardener.cs both have - public InternalBuyInfo() Is it safe to move 1. which is a short list onto the end of 2. which has a very long list of...
  8. help with Cooking Expansion Set

    Can anyone help with fixing these errors. I guess I'll post them as I go. SBGardener.cs Errors are with the four that I underlined Two of them - InternalBuyInfo() Error: CS0121 - The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties: 'method1' and 'method2' Two of them - m_BuyInfo...
  9. Is it safe to delete this folder?

    Can I delete everything in this folder? Backups\Crashed have space issues and windows keeps updating so I need to find new things to delete.
  10. Change LabelNumber message?

    Thanks I'll take a look as soon as I can. Have to work this week.
  11. Change LabelNumber message?

    It is working. I just changed the ItemID to the Base number so it looks more like ItemID = 0x1E1F. Basically I copied one of the cookable food classes and named it RawHumanMeat for now. And got the LeftArm etc once carved up to do this: new RawHuman().MoveToWorld(Location, Map); So now I have...
  12. Change LabelNumber message?

    Thanks, used the second method and got it to work. Just starting out on this coding stuff and way to early to tell everyone else to update their files. I'm still not sure what the ItemID does yet. Is that the same as the base number?
  13. Change LabelNumber message?

    public override int LabelNumber => 1126041; // raw serpent steak Is there a way to give an item a string name without assigning it a message number? Or how to I add/edit Label Numbers? What file are they in?
  14. Cooking Expansion Set

    Sounds great but I got over 70 errors with the new package and like 1000+ with an older one. :) I'm trying to learn C# but I still think I months away from figuring this stuff out.
  15. Loot NPC / Vendors?

    Thanks Got it to work Took me a few tries It had two properties to change ,[hue],[drop chance] Here is what worked. SetWearable(new FancyShirt(GetRandomHue()), -1, 1.0);
  16. Loot NPC / Vendors?

    I got it so I could kill an NPC or Vendor in this case but their clothes are not dropping for loot. As an admin I can remove or add their clothes so there should be a way to have whatever they are wearing to drop as loot. Not finding anything by searching the forum, and I'm still very new to...
  17. Code names and what they mean?

    Ok thanks, I kinda figured that, just wanted to make sure I was not missing something since I'm just starting out. Doing better than I thought changing little things but I'm far from writing the code myself.
  18. Code names and what they mean?

    Most of the names, I'm sure are specific to servuo. So my assumption got me in trouble that time. I did search for it on the forums but got too many hits. My point is you don't know what many of the servuo names given do by the short name given to them. So there is a lot of trial and error. Be...
  19. Code names and what they mean?

    Thanks for explaining that. I wish there was a list I could go to, to explain some of these. I guess most of them I will just have to play with.
  20. Code names and what they mean?

    I'm new to all this scripting, trying to figure things out, we will see. But yea you can kinda get an idea on what many names/objects/methods are doing? Others I have no idea. Is there any list that kinda explains what some of these do? Such as... Serialize Deserialize Or are we just supposed...