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    Hello All!

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    Salute from MrMatters

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    Hi There!

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    BaseCreature speed and cpu usage

    As Voxpire said it's probably the pathing. The reason why the CPU increases when the speed increases it's because the pathing calculation rhythm also automatically increases. If 400 mobs need to move every X ticks, the CPU has to calculate the pathing every X ticks. Therefore, if you make the...
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    How do you target things?

    If you call for Location and Map without any tie to who's Location and who's Map, the code will assume you're taking the properties from Item but you can't access them from there. If you want to add the SoylentGreen to a location you've to specify it with from.Location, from.Map, cause "from"...
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    Animal Lore Gump Help

    Correct on the +1! Anyway white for sure works, but also any light (not much saturated) green can contrast that deep blue. You can also use a very light blue, but you already use it for the title (e.g., "Physical Attributes" kind of aquamarine). A non-shocking (lil dirt) white would be the...
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    Animal Lore Gump Help

    Not really connected to the thread font on blue background it's a very, very bad idea for contrast and accessibility (e.g. "Strength"). Please revise that :P
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    adding multiple items to drops from a item

    You can't use || in that way, you need to give some random also in that specific case. It should be something on these lines: public Item GiveFish( double skill ) { if ( 0.038 * skill > Utility.RandomDouble() ) return new RockLobster(); if ( 0.040 * skill >...
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    Script compilation error

    You must have done something wrong while importing them, cause all those ";" are not missing. Also I don't think it's useful to post errors in Italian, not everyone would be able to understand.
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    Requiring tokens to operate item.

    I believe you forgot to give an exit in case the tokens are not 50. Try changing the backpack code to the following: Item[] items = p.Backpack.FindItemsByType( typeof( Daat99Tokens ) ); if( items.Count() >= 50 ){ for (int i = 0; i < 50; i++) item[i].Consume(); } else {...