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  1. ttmaha

    Count Dracula

    I had a problem on line 19, it couldn't find GuantletsOfAnger. typeof( GuantletsOfAnger ) }; } }
  2. ttmaha

    Rings Of Race Change

    hii! how could I edit these scripts, so that when the ring is placed on the hand, the character takes off all his weapons and armor? as it stands, the gargoyles can have human weapons, etc.
  3. ttmaha

    Script programs

    Does anyone know if there is any version that works on the current servuo?
  4. ttmaha

    Command to Deposit or Withdraw Sovereigns

    apparently yes, I downloaded it from git available here on the forum thank you, i will update and check
  5. ttmaha

    Command to Deposit or Withdraw Sovereigns

    here there was an error in the lines: ServUO 58 44 AddResponse($"Didn't do anything ..."); 62 CommandLogging.WriteLine(from, $"{from.AccessLevel} {CommandLogging.Format(from)} used command '{e.Command} {e.ArgString}' on: {targ} | had befor: {initialAmount}, took...
  6. ttmaha

    Tutorial: Free AWS EC2 Shard on Debian

    I followed the tutorial exactly, but my server keeps restarting every 5 minutes