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  1. BeardFish

    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    Wow! Thanks a lot AsYlum!
  2. BeardFish

    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    Hey! Does anybody know how to import Multis to Centred+? I've seen a lot of videos of users having a list of "premade" buildings in their tiles selection list that they could simply place on the map and I was wondering if there is any tutorial out there on how to do that. All I have in my list...
  3. BeardFish

    Equip item to spawned NPC

    Hey there! Is there any command or any way in [props to force an xmlspawned npc to wear/equip a specific item? Thanks!
  4. BeardFish

    Looking for scripter - Custom Race and Class system

    Hey everyone! I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to put it. So, I'm working on a small private uo shard for a couple of friends and I'm looking to add a custom race and class system, with experience and leveling. But I am really no scripter and I've been...
  5. BeardFish

    Dragonmod issue

    Used photoshop 5.5 and indexed the colors. It worked! You sir, are a life saver, thank you very much!
  6. BeardFish

    Dragonmod issue

    Hi everyone! Happy to see there is still a lot of interest for this great game! I've been trying lately to build a custom map for a private shard with some friends, and I planned to use Dragonmod13 to make a base map and then modify it later using Centred+. I've been having all sort of issues...