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  1. All craftables exceptional and mark

    How would i set all items craftable (in the craft gumps) be capable of adding a makers mark and be exceptional? Example, scrolls and containers cannot apply such. Even if the item doesnt contain any real useful exceptional property bonuses but still says exceptional if the required skills are...
  2. Gump HTML auto scroll

    Is it possible to make an html text box auto scroll to the bottom?
  3. Gump refresh

    Ah thanks for the reply. However doing so still causes the gump to flash/refresh. EDIT: That is the proper way. It was my fault i had a call to resend my gump within a timer. It was not the SuperGump doing it. Thanks!
  4. Gump refresh

    Is it possible to stop my SuperGump from automatically refreshing? I can visually see it flash close and back open.
  5. Random wilderness weapons and armor

  6. Random wilderness weapons and armor

    I'm not sure if it's XmlSpawner or a servuo service, but just running about the world I find random armor and weapons in the wilderness. None of the spawners have these listed. Even looking filtering thru XmlFind gives me nothing. I've looked pretty deep in scripts and don't even know where to...
  7. Git checkout in VS has many missing files and functions?

    Ok so a fresh commit of the current MASTER and loaded into visual studio yields about 281 errors of missing files and functions. What am i doing wrong? Oddly enough if i go into the root folder and start ServUO.exe it compiles with no errors? I have checked the directories for the missing files...
  8. Happy to be a member!

    Happy to be a member!